• Preparing for surgery

    Your Guide to Preparing for Surgery

    Going in for surgery can be traumatic, as many patients don’t know what to expect. Even if the surgeon has fully explained the procedure, there is always the nagging feeling about the dangers of surgical negligence. This anxiety is the main reason why many people would rather postpone or cancel their procedures entirely. However, if […]

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  • 5 Reasons you might need health insurance

    In Britain, we have the NHS which effectively means that everyone already has health insurance, with free care at the point of delivery. But it’s additionally possible to pay for private health insurance through a range of different providers. Many people choose to take out medical insurance every year for a wide variety of reasons. […]

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  • Baby feet

    Giving Your Baby the Best Start in Life

    Everyone wants to give their baby the best start in life. As soon as you know there’s going to be a baby, you can start worrying about just how you’re going to do that. There can be a lot of pressure on modern mothers to make the right choices, but what those might be aren’t […]

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  • Protect Yourself and Your Family from Flu this Winter 1

    Protect Yourself and Your Family from Flu this Winter

    Pregnant women across Scotland are being urged to take-up the offer of the free flu vaccine to protect themselves and their baby ahead of the winter flu season. As the flu vaccine is delivered to GPs across the country, pregnant women are being reminded that catching flu can have serious consequences for expectant mothers. When […]

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  • Back to School with Boots 2

    Back to School with Boots

    So we’re just over a week back into the school routine and I don’t know about you but it feels like the summer holidays were a million years ago, the sun has gone and the early mornings are back!! Waaay back in the summer holidays when we were merely talking about the idea of the […]

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  • Thinking Slimmer – it has definitely had an effect! 3

    Thinking Slimmer – it has definitely had an effect!

    Last year I applied to be a Thinking Slimmer blogger in association with Cybher 2012. I was really looking forward to giving it a try and began listening to the Slimpods each evening before bed. After just three nights of listening to the Slimpod I discovered I was pregnant with Jelly Bean and so I […]

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  • Peace of mind with Randox Health Checks 4

    Peace of mind with Randox Health Checks

    How well do you really know what’s going on in your body? Wouldn’t it be nice to have advanced warning that all is not well, or indeed that you are in fact in tip top condition. Given an early warning that something could be amiss means that you can make a change and put things […]

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