• New research shows hundreds of young people are in danger of being sexually exploited

    Barnardo’s warns parents to spot the signs that their child is vulnerable to exploitation As Barnardo’s launches a hard-hitting TV advert highlighting child sexual exploitation, new research reveals hundreds of children are being targeted online through social websites such as Facebook and Snapchat. The study also shows hundreds of children are unwittingly putting themselves at risk […]

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  • How safe is your child online? 1

    How safe is your child online?

    I consider myself to be a pretty tech-savvy person. I started using computers in Primary School and took a keen interest in them growing up. My approach has always been ‘give-it-a-go’ in that my thoughts are; if I’m about to delete something the computer will generally ask “are you sure?” and if I’m about to […]

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  • Online safety tips for parents 2

    Online safety tips for parents

    Recent research from uSwitch.com shows that over a quarter (27%) of British children under eight now own tablets, with around four million children mastering touchscreen devices aged three and under. As a result of this increase it’s been revealed that kids are spending their parent’s money on apps leading companies such as Apple having to […]

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