Let’s Talk Pants with Pantosaurus – Keeping Children safe with NSPCC

As a parent it’s natural that we should want to protect our children from all the dangers in life but sometimes these dangers can be hard to discuss with children without taking away their innocence. One just topic is sexual predators of which there seems to be an increase (either that or it’s just more widely publicised these days?)

During the Summer months everyone wants to strip off and enjoy the sunshine whether they are home, on days out or on holiday so it kind of puts kids ‘on display’ a bit more. A few years back a friend of mine noticed a man in the park taking photographs of her child, she confronted him and took a hold of his camera only to find that he had been taking photographs of lots of children and focusing on their ‘private parts’. It’s a scary thing to discover something like this so close to home but we aren’t daft, we know it goes on It goes on and so the best way we can protect our children is to arm them with the tools to keep themselves safe.

The NSPCC have come up with some great campaigns in the past to make it easier to start a conversation with your children and their latest one lives up to this. Talk Pants and join Pantosaurus teaches children important messages, like their body belongs to them and they should tell an adult if they’re upset or worried. Watch the video below with your children, sing the song together with Pantosaurus and get the conversation started. There’s even a quiz you can do online to test your PANTS knowledge and you can download the PANTS guides for more support.

P – Privates are Private

A – Always remember your body belongs to you

N – No means NO!

T – Talk about secrets that upset you

S – Speak up, someone can help


This current campaign runs until 28th August 2016 so get online now, watch the video and take the quiz. If you want to keep your children safe then this is perhaps one of the most important conversations you can have with them. What are you waiting for?

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