Create an amazing ambience with wall stickers

Wall stickers

Trying to create a warm or fun space in your home can be a tough thing to create. If you’re not using paint or altering the entire look of rooms, what else are you supposed to do? Luckily, in just a few moments of time, you’re going to have the chance to create an amazing … Read more

What Flooring Best Suits Your Kitchen?


Kitchens are different from other rooms in your house. Think of them as a specialist room. They serve a specific purpose, and they must be designed to make this purpose as convenient as possible.  When designing your kitchen or renovating it, there’s one area that requires lots of focus – the floor. What flooring is … Read more

Scott Simplissimo Chef Cook Blender – Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe

Tuscan Bean Soup

#AD-GIFTED Earlier this year when I attended the Exclusively Brand Showcase in London, I met up with premium small home appliance experts Scott, I was immediately drawn to the Scott Simplissimo Chef. Anything which makes cooking as simple and labour-free whilst keeping it healthy is good in my book. Scott Simplissimo Chef The Simplissimo Chef … Read more

Why people hang out in the kitchen at parties


The playlist is sorted, the wine is well-stocked, and the beer chilling. The enticing smells of your home cooking waft around the house, and you’ve tidied up to that superior level that is only ever done when guests are coming. You’ve even hoovered behind the tricky bits. Your lounge and living spaces look their best; … Read more

Safest Ways to Clean Your Home


Most of the high-quality cleaning products have harsh chemicals in them, which we usually do not bother to check. Even cleaning products with labels like ‘organic’ or ‘all-natural ingredients can be filled with synthetic and harsh chemicals. The cleaning methods you are using for your house might be more harmful than you think. Whatever products … Read more