Easy DIY jobs

Easy DIY jobs to complete during the lockdown

Have you been dreaming of having free time to tackle some easy DIY jobs? Now it’s the perfect time to complete them! Plus, to help you out, I’ve put together some easy projects to get you started.

1. Give your kitchen cabinets a makeover

Easy DIY jobs to complete during the lockdown

Whether they need a new coat of paint or perhaps new cabinet handles, a simple change will give your kitchen a whole new look. Or maybe repaint them and add new cabinet handles – the ultimate makeover!

For some inspiration on which kitchen cabinet to get, Ironmongery Experts, a family-run architectural ironmongery business, published a blog post on the best cupboard handles and I love them all! Which one would you choose?

2. Revamp your front door

If your front door is looking a bit old and dull, maybe it’s time for an uplift. Give it a new colour, add some new ironmongery and add a stunning door knocker – how beautiful does that sound? Get some ideas from these 8 front door makeovers on House Beautiful.

3. Change your door handles

Door handles are possibly the hardware you use the most everyday inside and outside your home. They play a big role in the overall décor and function of your home but sometimes are overlooked and even pushed to the end of a decoration project – no more of this, give your door handles the recognition they deserve and spend some time in choosing the perfect door handles for your home. Now, it’s the perfect time to do this!

4. Refresh your bathroom

Easy DIY jobs to complete during the lockdown

As this article on The Spruce says “I love my small boring bathroom – said no one ever”. There are many ways to give your bathroom a refresh to make it more inviting and more you, including using removable wallpaper, adding plants, updating your vanity and more.

5. Upcycle furniture

And lastly, if you have pieces of furniture tucked away in the back of your shed or garage that you like but don’t love, why not upcycle it and give it your own twist? Get inspired with these 15 upcycled furniture ideas on Good Housekeeping.

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Have you been dreaming of having free time to do easy DIY jobs? Now is a perfect time! I’ve put together some easy projects to get you started.is


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