7 Reasons why you should have your glassware custom made

Glassware has always been a multifaceted product. They can be used as home decorations and are also valued as kitchen tools. However, if your glassware is faulty in any way, it could develop cracks or stain as time passes by. Which is why you should really think about having your glassware custom made. 

Why should you go to all the trouble? Why can’t you just buy them from the store or online? Here are 7 Reasons why you should have your glassware custom made.

1. They last longer

One of the best things about having your glass custom-made is that they last longer. Most custom glassware companies really value their reputation within the industry. Companies such as Roetell have been in the business for a long time. They have cultivated a reputation for themselves as a company that has high standards. Each and every one of their products is checked for sturdiness before they are sent out. So if you purchase a Roetell glass container, you know that it will last you for a lifetime. 

2. You’ll save more in the long run

One of the best things about purchasing custom-made glassware is the fact that you can buy them in bulk. Even though it may seem drastic to buy truckloads of glassware at a time, you should know that you can save more in the long run. Remember that glassware is fragile. No matter the quality, if it is damaged enough it will shatter. So it always pays to have an extra pair of glass bottles or cups, in case you break one. There is also the fact that buying wholesale is always a lot cheaper than buying items one at a time. 

Buying in bulk is especially useful if you are running a business such as a cafe or a restaurant. There is a chance that your staff could break one or two of your champagne glasses. It would be embarrassing to explain to diners that you can’t serve them wine or champaign because you ran out. Overall, it is a lot more economical to buy things in bulk

3. You get to choose the design

This is one of the most enjoyable aspects of having your glassware custom-made. By having your glasses custom-made, you can choose the design of your glassware. You even get to choose the type of glass and the colour of your choice. For example, you want to have a glass tankard made for you and your drinking buddies. You want them to look a certain way. You can go to the stores and look for tankards, but they may not fit your specifications. But if you have them custom-made, then you will have glass tankards that you will always be happy with.

The same goes for glass kitchenware. For example, you want your wine bottles to look a certain way to match your kitchen’s aesthetic. But you can’t seem to find a design that you really like. This is where custom-made glassware comes in handy. 

4. They are made of recycled products

One of the best things about custom-made glassware is that many companies often use recycled products. Take for example Roetell glassware, which is predominantly made up of recycled glass. This means that most of the products are earth-friendly. Instead of the company contributing to mountains of old glass bottles piling up in landfills, Roetell gathers old bottles, breaks them down into reusable chunks, and converts them into a new product. By purchasing glass bottles from earth-friendly companies, you are helping in the fight against pollution.

5. You get to choose your corks, stoppers and other accouterments

When you say the words custom-made, it means that every aspect of the product should be up to your specifications. In the case of glassware, this means the corks, stoppers, and every other accoutrement that you could think of. You get to choose what material these additional parts are made of and how they are constructed.

 6. You can show off your creative side

As it was stated earlier, choosing to customize your products gives you the freedom to name your specifications. It also allows you to show off your creative side. By buying glassware from stores or online, you are losing the chance to personalize your glassware. But by having your glassware customized, you can personalize it as you see fit. 

You can have it emblazoned with a specific insignia or symbol.  You can also put in flower designs over the glassware. You can also have your glassware shaped to specific shapes. You just need to give the full specifications to the custom glassware company you are employing, and they usually have the means to make your design a reality.

  7. There is accountability

In the very small possibility that the glassware you purchased has any defects, you have the option of complaining and getting your money refunded or your order being remade to your specifications. This is the advantage of working with a custom glassware company. They truly care about their reputation as artisans and will go to great lengths to rectify any errors in their work. In other words, there is a sense of accountability. Whereas if you buy from a store or online, you are technically buying from the middleman and can’t really complain if your product is defective.


Now that you know what sets custom-made glassware apart from storebought ones, you can decide whether to take the plunge and have your glassware customized. 

Custom-made glassware might be a bit pricey compared to its store-bought counterparts. But if you value quality and sturdy products, it always pays to have your glassware custom-made. 

Glassware has always been a multifaceted product. Faults can easily appear which is why you should really think about having your glassware custom made.

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