• Kids Learning Typing

    Free Resources for kids learning typing

    Technology has come around and led to a lot of changes in the way things are done nowadays. Every child will get the basic knowledge of computer usage while at a primary school. Technology can be used to give that kid the edge over his or her age mates. These resources can be accessed online […]

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  • Why we need to limit screen time for kids

    Screen time for children is one of those really hard-to-avoid parts of life, whether they are simply watching TV or using tablets, PCs, smartphones or even smart TVs for leisure/gaming, at school and even get set homework on the computer. Whenever Will goes quiet we can pretty much guarantee that he has crept off to […]

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  • What Is A Smart Lifestyle?

    What do you think of when you’re trying to picture what a smart lifestyle could look like? For a lot of people, smart is synonymous with the future. If you believe in the Internet of Things, you might picture a future where every single aspect of your life is digitally organised and interconnected. If an […]

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  • How to Avoid Raising a Technology Addict

      Several months ago, you had lunch with your best friend and you knew something was up when she refused a glass of wine. She confided in you that she was pregnant, her third, and you asked her how she was going to do it. She brushed her hair away from her face and shook […]

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  • Apps

    Handy Helpers: Practical Apps No Mum Should Be Without

    Mums are expert organizers. Between feeding and carting around their brood, juggling school obligations with chores, on top of their already demanding work schedules, they’ve got multitasking down like the strategic art it is. But, even supermum needs some help sometimes. Here are some apps that’ll help you keep track of everything, and maybe, help […]

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