Disney has so much to offer . . .

Disney has so much to offer . . . 1

Do you ever feel like Disney was around before time began? I do, it’s just one of those names that you can’t ever imagine didn’t exist, a bit like once you have children, you can’t imagine what life was like before them. There is something about Disney that conjures up a magical feeling in the … Read more

The tiddlers show you how to dance to Pop Party 10!!!

The tiddlers show you how to dance to Pop Party 10!!! 2

So it hasn’t been all sunshine and roses at our house just lately with most of us being poorly and Daddy being in hospital but then again, we DID have music! Music is the one thing which is guaranteed to bring about fun and laughter in our house, I often use it to make tea-time … Read more

Feeling festive with Clintons

You may remember that I posted about the cool Halloween products that we were sent by Clinton’s back in October. Well now we’re getting in the mood for Christmas and so Clintons have sent us a few more bits and pieces to get us into the spirit of Christmas. Every Christmas without fail I go … Read more

P’kolino Silly Soft

Do you have an inquisitive little toddler who loves to build, climb, clamber and every now and then, rest!? Well I do and I have found the perfect bit of kit for him. The P’kolino Silly Soft is a stuffed toy/seating/jigsaw type of toy with multiple features to support your todder’s developmental needs and give … Read more