Top Tools for Supporting Your Children’s Emotional and Social Development

Top Tools for Supporting Your Children's Emotional and Social Development

Promoting your children’s social, emotional, and mental development is just as important as ensuring their academic achievement. If your children are on the autism spectrum, you regularly meet with a counsellor to support their growth in these areas. The next time you have an appointment, ask your counsellor about using these resources to better guide … Read more

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

Whole-child approaches are slowly replacing traditional approaches to raising and teaching children. This holistic development of children focuses more on the child’s well-being and their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. This approach is oriented towards kids completely, making them active participants in their learning process. Many learning centres have incorporated this method, and their results … Read more

Brand Awareness Among Children: How Can Parents Select Educational Toys

What more would parents ask for if their child learns and develops good skills while playing? Learning through play is one of the most effective and popular means of teaching children important life skills. Unfortunately, nowadays toy stores seemed to be more focused on seeding brand awareness among children instead of providing children with a … Read more