How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

Whole-child approaches are slowly replacing traditional approaches to raising and teaching children. This holistic development of children focuses more on the child’s well-being and their physical, emotional, and intellectual needs. This approach is oriented towards kids completely, making them active participants in their learning process. Many learning centres have incorporated this method, and their results are positive overall.

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

For a better understanding of this method of holistic development of children and to even use it with your children, follow the tips below.

Recognize your child’s interests

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

Many schools developed a system to build children’s knowledge based on their interests. This means taking time to recognize what they are passionate about and using that as a foundation for further work. The logic behind this is simple. Children will learn easier and have better long-term memory if you use terms and props familiar and compelling to them. You can apply this to any learning process. For example, teach them maths by counting fruit or candy they like or about commitment and dedication by relating it to a sport they are passionate about.

Create a fun and interactive environment

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

Making the child feel at home and comfortable while learning is one of the best tips you can follow. There is a term called affective filter, and it concerns language learning. It means that children learn under stress and inefficiently due to a lack of motivation or self-confidence. This can be applied to any learning process or everyday behaviour because creating an inviting and interactive environment is one of the key steps. This will help keep them interested, entertained, and focused. Since a lot of the time, they are visual learners and require props to learn better and be active, creating posters, figures or drawings with them will improve their motor and problem-solving skills, as well as expressivity.

Use a variety of approaches

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

Raising or teaching children is challenging because you have first to understand their individual needs and wishes. Not every child will respond to a certain approach the same. That is why the best solution is to use a variety of approaches and combine them to get the best results. Western culture focuses on children’s feelings, developing their independence and confidence, and helping them express ideas. Eastern culture is more effort-oriented. Education is a great honour, and children are taught to appreciate their journey towards knowledge from a young age. A quality education centre in Hong Kong created such programs that focus on the overall development of children, treating them as individuals who best express themselves through play, socializing and discovering talents. Both approaches have benefits that can be combined into a perfect whole.

Ask them open-ended questions

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

Communication skills and a better understanding of the world are best achieved by asking open-ended questions. This means asking questions that have a more complex answer and thinking process. This way, children learn to express themselves easier and explore their thoughts. Their cognitive skills will be improved, and it can also serve as a guideline for you to see what they have a problem with and help them overcome it. By asking open-ended questions, you are allowing them to include their feelings and attitudes and develop their speech and vocabulary. Their listening skills are also included because they have to listen carefully to what you ask them to be able to respond.

Encourage their dreams and visions

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children

It may sound funny to hear your child talking about becoming an astronaut, a doctor or a criminalist detective. However, this is how dreams come true: by believing hard in achieving a certain goal. You are a role model and someone, your child, looks up to at a young age, which is why it is important to be supportive and give guidance. You will do this by encouraging their dreams and pushing them in the direction that leads them closer to them—research what skills are needed for their dream job and incorporate them into your learning sessions or playtime. Help them develop logical thinking, consistency, and a belief that they can do it. The worst-case scenario is that you taught your child more skills they can use later in life. This will help them build self-confidence and not be afraid to express their wishes and dreams.

A whole-child approach to teaching or parenting requires a lot of dedication and energy. However, it is worth it because you will help your child become an independent individual who is confident and strong, and this is reason enough to invest time and effort.

How to Support A Holistic Development of Children


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