Capturing picture-perfect baby photos every time

Dan Newberry Photography

From professional studios to the comfort of your own home, Sony reveals tips on how to get great images of your beloved little ones, from the moment they arrive With royal baby fever sweeping across the UK, Sony has an array of digital imaging products perfect for capturing those special early moments of your growing … Read more

Photography experts give the lowdown on the cameras and kit you need to take the best photos this summer!

Ian Savage, Head of Jessops Training Academy

It has been revealed that the top five searched-for photography subjects are; landscape, wildlife, portrait, sports and macro. But how do you take stunning photos of these subjects? Jessops is launching a nationwide campaign called ‘Gear up for summer’ to help photographers take the best photos possible this summer, just by making small changes to … Read more

Could ‘I am Lost’ be the answer to lost property?

Could ‘I am Lost’ be the answer to lost property? 1

There’s nothing worse than losing something which you treasure is there. That feeling in the pit of your stomach wondering if you will ever see it again. It’s bad enough when you lose something of your own but when you introduce children to the equation, losing things seems to become a daily occurrence. In Little … Read more