Capturing picture-perfect baby photos every time

From professional studios to the comfort of your own home, Sony reveals tips on how to get great images of your beloved little ones, from the moment they arrive

With royal baby fever sweeping across the UK, Sony has an array of digital imaging products perfect for capturing those special early moments of your growing family. Teaming up with a professional portrait and infant photographer, Dan Newberry, Sony reveals tips on how to capture those precious photographs, creating memories to last a lifetime.

Dan Newberry Photography
Dan Newberry Photography

Professional photographer Dan Newberry shares his tips to photographing little ones;

1. Timing

One of the most important times to photograph a baby is within the first 10 days. Babies features grow and develop so quickly, so it’s important to capture all those special little details that the parents can cherish and remember forever

2. Ensure a ‘relaxing’ environment

If I’m looking to capture a creative photo I will set up in advance, rather than trying to work around the children. My advice to parents looking to get arty with their photography is to get props in place first, as otherwise, this can be quite stressful – once a baby gets stressed, the parents usually follow suit

3. Be prepared to entertain

When working with babies for a long period of time, I often play white noise in the background to keep them calm, usually just after a feed too so they doze in and out – but with slightly older children I recommend bringing their favourite toy, and the noisier the toy the better! The sounds of a familiar toy will keep them entertained, resulting in eye contact, smiles and even a few mischievous giggles. Never be afraid to act a little silly to get a good reaction, trust me it will be worth it when you see the finished picture

4. Remember, babies won’t stay still for long

From crawling and first steps to running out of the shot – before we know it our little ones are keen to explore and for me, this is one of the most fascinating times to work with them. I would recommend a camera such as Sony’s a6400 with Eye AutoFocus as this gives a great focus point when children are up and off. It means that in every picture I get precision-sharp detail and focus on the camera in almost every shot

5. Use the right tech

The first moments in your child’s life are priceless, so whether you’re shooting in a professional studio or in the comfort of your own home – I think it’s important to have the tech to support your pictures. These photos are something you will treasure for a lifetime

With a wide range of camera products for every moment, Sony has something to choose from for every budding photographer.

Capture your little ones on the move with Sony’s a6400 mirrorless camera, featuring the World’s Fastest Autofocus


The a6400 brings many of Sony’s most advanced technologies from their acclaimed full-frame line-up to a compact, lightweight camera. The speedy new camera boasts the world’s fastest[1]AutoFocus acquisition of 0.02 seconds[2], resulting in precision-sharp picture quality, even as your baby is on the move. The new advanced ‘Real-time Eye AutoFocus’ and ‘Real-time Tracking’ capabilities will also come in handy to follow your little ones wherever they go, ensuring they are captured in almost every shot.

The 18-135mm E-mount lens (SEL18135) is an ideal fit for Sony’s popular APS-C sensor cameras including the a6400 and is an extremely useful tool for a wide range of shooting situations – from portraiture to travel photography. Capture baby’s first portrait with outstanding corner-to-corner sharpness, perfect for sharing with your friends and family.

Picture-perfect quality with the Sony RX100 VI ultra-compact camera; combining high magnification Zoom with World’s Fastest AutoFocus


The innovative new RX100 VI camera is the first of all the RX100 models to include a high magnification zoom lens, enabling you to capture every special detail of your newborn baby, without compromising on the image quality. Similar to a6400, the RX100 VI features AF, for babies on the go, with fast responsiveness and high image quality that has become the hallmark of Sony’s RX100 line-up. The RX100 also features a tiltable LCD screen, which rotates up to 180 degrees, meaning you can be in the picture with your loved ones too.

World’s smallest Compact High Zoom Camera with 4K Movie Capability; introducing the Sony DSC-HX99


You never have to worry about missing a moment with the DSC-HX99, packaged in the world’s smallest body[3], the camera can be carried at all times. With a truly versatile zoom range from 24mm at the wide end up to 720mm super-telephoto, the compact frame doesn’t compromise on picture quality. The 4K Movie Capability also allows users to capture those moments that are better-remembered moving, such as the first time your baby walks or their first words.

capturing picture perfect baby photos every time
Dan Newberry Photography

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