Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 9

I can’t believe we are into the third week of the summer holidays already, it’s been a mixed bag so far. On the whole the tiddlers haven’t been too bad. I have had one or two days each week where I feel like the biggest failure ever to exist in parenthood but the rest of the time we’ve had some good fun and it feels like the old days before Little Bean started school (only now we have a new member of the gang of course!!).

Summer Holidays

This morning we dropped Little Bean off to playscheme and no sooner had we walked out of the school gates than Beanie Boy was asking if he could do painting when we got home. He was very specific as we walked in the door, “not brushes Mummy, sponges! I want to do dab-dab”. I love the painting that he did and it is going to take pride of place on my refridgerator.

Summer Holidays

Little Bean came out of playscheme bearing gifts again today, a Teepee for Beanie Boy, a bracelet for me, another, a guitar for Bro and a drum to entertain Jelly Bean. Bless her she was so excited when we got home, she ran into the garden and fell over hitting her face on the swing seat and gave herself a thick lip (hence the sad face with the cowboy hat).

After lunch I ‘tried’ to put Jelly Bean down for his afternoon nap but as you can see from the photograph, he had completely different ideas to me!!! The nap did not happen but at least he stayed cheerful. Whilst Beanie Boy had his sleep, Little Bean and I played a game of Teddy Bears which she received for her birthday. It’s a great game for memory skills and the odd bit of reading without Little Bean realising. You study the picture card for 10 seconds, then roll the dice and answer the corresponding question about the picture. The one with the most cards at the end of the game is the winner. Little Bean did really well, both with reading the questions and playing the game. She also loved having me to herself for a while, we rarely get any ‘girl’ time these days.

Summer Holidays

Our afternoon was completed by a VERY long overdue catch up with my friend MissP and her daughter LE who we haven’t seen for over a year!! The great thing about MissP is how easily we fit back into conversation like we only saw each other yesterday. It was lovely to see her again, she looked really well and was the happiest I have seen her for some time.

Are you catching up with old friends this summer?

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