• Our master bathroom makeover with Valspar Paint Club

    Our master bathroom sits at the bath of our ‘L’ shaped house and is the only room which only gets the sunshine early in the morning, for the rest of the day it is in the shade. I used to love the blue colours we had previously painted our bathroom with because I felt it […]

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  • Rust Oleum

    A spot of make do and mend with Rust Oleum paint

    When we bought our house one of the things that we really loved about it was the large hallway and landing, we liked this spacious area because it made the house feel light and airy. The area at the very top of the stairs had become more of a dumping ground and we all know […]

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  • Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 9 1

    Summer Holidays 2013 – Day 9

    I can’t believe we are into the third week of the summer holidays already, it’s been a mixed bag so far. On the whole the tiddlers haven’t been too bad. I have had one or two days each week where I feel like the biggest failure ever to exist in parenthood but the rest of […]

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  • Beanie Boy’s masterpiece 2

    Beanie Boy’s masterpiece

    As many of you will know my baby, my Beanie Boy turned 2 years last week (where does the time go?) and so mark the occasion, yes we held a party but I also got my little man to paint his birthday canvas as I do with the children each year. I love the little […]

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  • 032/366 – Artful splodgers!

    This afternoon when I collected Little Bean from Pre-school I was very pleased to hear that she had been a good girl, had no outbursts of violence and only had to be told off once for getting a bit stroppy with one of the other children. I wanted to make sure that I rewarded her […]

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