• Introducing Sundried ~ Ethical Activewear

    Introducing Sundried ~ Ethical Activewear

    For the past few months, I have really enjoyed getting back into exercise again, or rather, I was until I suffered an injury. Still, I’m not planning on staying away from exercise altogether. I shall continue with core work until I can get back to running, but in the meantime, I’ve been busy checking out sportswear because […]

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  • Spring fashion for men

    Styling my man . . . {Spring fashion for men}

    It’s so easy when shopping online to check out all the fashions for yourself but it can be fun to look at clothes for your other half and put together style boards. We have a busy couple of weeks ahead of us with a few dates on the horizon to look forward to so I […]

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  • Saltrock

    Saltrock Review and Discount Code

    As 2015 was gearing up for Christmas we received a rather lovely offer from Saltrock to review items from their website and being a fan of Saltrock we didn’t need to think twice about accepting. Having a quick look through the site I managed to select items for Hubby and the Beans. They arrived within […]

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  • Hubby's going to look fab at 40 in stripes! 1

    Hubby’s going to look fab at 40 in stripes!

    Yes this weekend will see Hubby celebrating his 40th Birthday in style. I personally think Hubby has always had more of an eye for style than me, I just tend to buy things that I like and hope that they will go with whatever I have in my wardrobe when I get home. Hubby goes […]

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  • Regatta

    Enjoying the great outdoors with Regatta

    There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing! The best thing about Winter has to be Winter clothing right!? Providing you have the right jackets and appropriate footwear you can get out and enjoy the day just as you would in the Summer. We are very much an outdoors family, we love […]

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