Project 366 – Week 7 2016

Sunday was of course Valentine’s Day and I was woken by my lovely Hubby shortly after 9am with scrummy breakfast in bed, poached egg and salmon on toasted bagels, as well as a beautiful card, a large bouquet of yellow roses (my favourite) and some lovely gifts. We had a relatively chilled day at home which was just what we needed after our busy day at Sea Life on Saturday.


Monday was the first official day of the half term holidays and I felt the Beans needed a quiet day to relax so we spent the morning having fun with crafts. Little Bean tried her hand at potato printing and then did some Hama Beads, Beanie Boy very patiently made a Hama Bead man and Jelly Bean had fun trying all of them but particularly loved this peg picture which I had bought for £1 from The Works because it reminded me of my childhood.

Mum had booked the week off to help me keep the Beans entertained over the half term holidays. On Tuesday morning whilst the Beans were playing happily in their respective rooms and playroom, Mum and I wallpapered a feature wall in the lounge (but I’m not sharing photos yet). In the evening I was feeling pretty pooped so Hubby and I chilled on the sofa and watched the DVD he had given me for Valentine’s Day. It wasn’t a film I’d heard of but it was a great one about a Bull Rider and his girlfriend who have a chance meeting with an  older gentleman who teaches them both the importance of finding true love, it had me in tears by the end. It takes a lot to make me cry at a movie but this one really got me.


On Wednesday we caught up with our besties for a pretty chilly picnic, a walk in the park and a teensy bit of retail therapy at Springfield’s Outlet near Spalding. I have been taking the Beans there since they were babies and they still love visiting the gardens now.

Thursday started with a relaxing read in bed with a cup of tea. Beanie Boy had gone for a sleepover at my Mum’s house, Jelly Bean wanted to watch a DVD in his bedroom whilst he had the room to himself and Little Bean was reading in her room. It made for a very relaxing start to the day and I have to admit I have barely been able to put the book down since.


Friday wall all about visiting one of my favourite shops . . . IKEA!! We need to find new storage for the boys bedroom to finish off their room makeover, at the moment it’s looking like Stuva will be coming to our rescue. Little Bean spotted this bed and took a real shine to it but sadly she needs to wait a while before we will be doing her room as we need to finish the boys’ room and Curly’s before we get to hers.


Before Christmas Beanie Boy was awarded his Gold Award at school for behaviour and effort at school. We were so proud of him and always reward the Beans for the efforts at school with ‘quality time’ treats. When we asked Beanie Boy what he wanted to do for his ‘quality time’ treat, he asked if we would take him to see Star Wars The Force Awakens as he has become quite the Star Wars fan. Shamefully, Hubby and I completely forgot about this with the rush of Christmas and the New Year, then a couple of weeks ago Beanie Boy asked me “have you forgotten about taking me to the cinema Mummy?” and I admitted that, yes I had! He giggled but I felt disgusted that we had forgotten something so important. On Saturday night we finally fulfilled our promise and we all had a lovely evening out together and thoroughly enjoyed the film too.

Incidentally, Little Bean was awarded her Silver Award at the same time and has asked for some quality time with Daddy but she hasn’t yet decided what she wants to do.

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