• Introducing Heaven’s Homebaked Cakes

    Heaven’s Homebaked Cakes is a small business based in Yaxley on the outskirts of Peterborough. It began earlier this year after Suzanne, the proprietor, signed herself up for a sugar crafting course at the suggestion of her Mother-in-Law. Suzanne discovered that not only did she enjoy it but she was a natural. Fast forward a […]

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  • High-Speed Memories of my 30th Birthday Track Day 1

    High-Speed Memories of my 30th Birthday Track Day

    It seems ridiculous to think that my 30th Birthday was more than 10 years ago . . . excuse me whilst I sit and sob into the corner. Life certainly does have this ability to fly by in the blink of an eye. To that extent, I believe it’s important to grab opportunities when you […]

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  • Captain Fantastic

    Birthday party ideas for a 10 year old

    It’s that’s time again when I need to get my thinking gear on and start planning Lillie’s 10th birthday party and celebrations with her friends. At 10 years old I have found that we have reached that in-between stage, she isn’t quite the ‘little girl’ anymore but likewise, she is (thankfully) still a way off […]

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  • Build a Bear Workshop

    Promise Pets at Build A Bear Workshop

    As a blogger there are certain emails that land in my Inbox which make me do a little happy dance and one such email is the one titled “Build A Bear Workshop” because it is such good fun. Whether you have young children yourself, are a child at heart or are simply looking for a […]

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  • How to host a car-themed birthday party 2

    How to host a car-themed birthday party

    Image Credit If you’ve got a birthday party to plan and the idea of all that cooking, decorating and cake making fills you with fear, this is the guide for you. If there’s one thing that car-crazy kids love more than a birthday party, it is, of course, a car-themed birthday party. Izzy from PassSmart.com […]

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