• Outdoor party mistakes to avoid

    6 Outdoor Party Mistakes to Avoid

    An outdoor party can be a wonderful experience. If you’re lucky enough to find a time when the sun is shining to venture outdoors, you can take in the fresh air, and enjoy a wide range of activities. However, it’s worth noting that just like any party, outdoor events can be subject to the occasional […]

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  • Halloween Slime Tutorials

    20 Gooey Halloween Slime Tutorials

    If you’re looking for something scarily good for Halloween this year, get ready to get sticky and messy with some super simple DIY Halloween Slime Tutorials. Halloween Preparations When people think of Halloween, their minds automatically go to candy and costumes. And while that might be true for all of us (Reeses please!), you can […]

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  • Party

    Why people hang out in the kitchen at parties

    The playlist is sorted, the wine is well-stocked, and the beer chilling. The enticing smells of your home cooking waft around the house, and you’ve tidied up to that superior level that is only ever done when guests are coming. You’ve even hoovered behind the tricky bits. Your lounge and living spaces look their best; […]

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