Preparing Your Body For A Safe And Healthy Childbirth

If you’re trying for a child, it’s important to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to make sure that your body is good, healthy, and ready for the trials ahead. Pregnancy can be pretty tough and childbirth is no walk in the park, either. For that reason, we’re going to go ahead and take a look at what you can do at all stages of pregnancy to make sure that your body is in the best possible condition going forward for safe and healthy childbirth.

Safe and healthy childbirth
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A little activity is always important

No matter what stage of the pregnancy you’re at, including if you’re trying to conceive, you should never underestimate the importance of a little physical activity. True, you may not exactly feel like getting up and on your feet if your belly is ten times its normal size. However, it’s crucial for helping maintain your strength and endurance, both of which will help you get through labour a little more easily. You don’t necessarily have to do a lot of exercises, but simply incorporating regular walks into your lifestyle, aiming for daily walks where possible, is recommended.

Furthermore, going on walks every day can help you alleviate some of the swelling symptoms that many women experience in their feet and legs during pregnancy.

Helping you conceive

If you’re currently trying for a baby, then you will certainly be looking at doing anything to increase your odds of conception. Aside from getting to know when you’re ovulating, there’s a lot you can make your body more likely to play ball, too. When you’re looking at what to do when you’re trying to conceive, make sure to start with your own body.

Taking prenatal vitamins like folic acid, giving up unhealthy habits such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and eating balanced meals are all going to help you get a head-start on getting your body ready for when you’re successfully pregnant. The better condition your body is in, the better your chances of conceiving and bringing a baby to term, as well. Of course, don’t forget to visit the gynaecologist and doctor for any specific advice to help your chances, as well.

Start working those lower body muscles

It might be tough to do too many of these when you’re getting into the later stages of pregnancy. However, there are some lower body exercises that can be a huge help for you during the process of childbirth. For instance, squats are great for improving the strength of your pelvic floor and the stamina of your legs. They can also help you become a lot more flexible, which can help you more comfortably get into the right position when it comes time to deliver the child. A lot of people will also recommend Kegels, though the two exercises can do much the same thing.

Learn some relaxation techniques

What does learning how to relax have to do with preparing your body for pregnancy? Quite a lot, in fact. Stress ties the mental and physical states together. When we are stressed, our body produces more cortisol, a hormone that, amongst other things, can cause us to tense up a lot more than we usually would. As a result, the pain of pregnancy, such as joint pain and back pain, can be greatly exacerbated. For that reason, it’s recommended you find some means of keeping a calm mind. There are meditation apps for pregnant women that can help you do precisely that. The less stress, the less pain you’re likely to deal with throughout the pregnancy.

Take care of your discomforts directly

Yes, keeping active, staying relaxed, and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle can, amongst other things, help you deal with less discomfort and pain during your pregnancy. However, if you’re feeling one of the many uncomfortable parts of pregnancy, you shouldn’t simply wait for your natural methods to get to work. When you need direct aid, then consider getting a prenatal massage. Whether there’s a placebo effect caused by helping de-stress and soothe a tired mind, or whether the massage therapist is able to find and treat your pain points, plenty of expecting moms will swear to their effectiveness. Just make sure that your doctor knows you’re trying prenatal massage and that the practitioner is experienced in working with pregnant women.

If you’re thinking of trying anything new, be it a treatment, supplement, or exercise, it’s always a good idea to get your doctor’s opinion first. The health of mother and baby is always going to take top priority and they will help you ensure that.

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