Instagram Tips for Nutritionists & Dieticians to Stay Connected With Patients in Lockdown

Nations across the world are encountering a major challenge in terms of a dramatic rise in the demand for healthcare as a result of the outbreak of deadly COVID-19 worldwide.  This issue has become really complicated and more serious because of misinformation, fear, and restricted movement that has truly disrupted the smooth delivery of services associated with health, fitness, and overall well-being. As per, it is of pivotal importance to maintain all essential healthcare services. To counter and combat the deadly novel coronavirus, certain practical actions are recommended that nations across the globe should make it a point to follow for reorganisation, safe maintenance, and easy access to top-rated essential health services despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instagram tips

A dietician, nutritionist, or any other healthcare provider is forever in the lookout for new patients. Whether a healthcare provider is trained to provide generalised or specialised services and care, his primary concern is to effectively broaden his practice for reaching more and more people in need. Instagram marketing could be an amazingly effective way for nutritionists and dieticians to effectively connect with and engage more and more existing and potential clients. You could leverage this powerful social media platform to reach a much wider audience by following these Instagram tips.            

We know that an image speaks volumes and that too to millions of patients and followers. Instagram is today the hot favourite destination for all things associated with fitness, health, and overall well-being both emotional and physical. Right from nutritionists and fitness freaks to wellness gurus, the Instagram feed generally is flooded with accounts that are dedicated to helping you plan healthy probiotic-rich meals to help you in performing your daily workout regimen with ease. Moreover, Instagram is a truly versatile platform that could be a major source of inspiration for you thanks to the health and wellness influencers who would be helping you in achieving your wellness aspirations and fitness goals.       

Nutritionists and dieticians are nutrition specialists who are qualified to guide you regarding your nutritional needs, and they would enlighten you about the manner in which your diet along with certain dietary supplements could impact your overall health. Several patients are finding it difficult to consult with their nutritionist or dietician because of the lockdown as a result of the dreadful coronavirus breakout globally.       

Nutritionists & Dieticians Must Follow These Tips for Success on Instagram

Documentation is the Hallmark of Success           


As a healthcare professional operating during the current outbreak of coronavirus, you must realise that documentation is the way to go in these dire circumstances. Remember you are approaching a new era of social networking where your followers seem to be exasperated of the monotonous and highly-curated content. Instagram Stories have dramatically modified the game. Hence, today followers are being exposed to raw and unpolished videos as compared to polished pictures and curated content in their feed. Instagrammers are more into knowing the individuals responsible for the posts and they are fascinated by those accounts that are constantly sharing moments and detailed experiences from their everyday way of life.

All those dieticians and nutritionists who have been used to sharing perfect photos of various recipes, you need to break free from such a habit. You must focus on documenting slices of your life as that would reflect your personality, who you actually are, and all about your top priorities in life. You could consider sharing tips from your wellness journey and you could highlight certain events from your professional life. One of the biggest Instagram tips is to share videos of the healthy recipes you would recommend to your patients to stay safe and to build their immunity.

Request Feedback from Your Followers

Instagram feedback

You could consider making the most of Instagram Story polls for ascertaining what your fans and followers precisely want from you. Are they looking for product reviews or authentic healthy recipes? Are they looking for some cooking inspiration or meal prep tips? You could request your followers to give you their feedback so that you could rise up to the occasion and cater to their demands.

You could then focus on delivering content that your followers find fascinating and praiseworthy. Followers would feel great if they realise that you value their opinion. You could gather valuable information from them regarding their hot-favourite recipes or brands, their regular health drink, etc. When your fans and followers get a chance to voice their opinion on your Instagram platform, they would remain loyal to you forever.

Remember Posting Is Not Enough

Instagram engagement

You must not assume that posting on Instagram is enough to fetch you loads of comments and likes. You must focus on interacting with your audience and engage actively with them. You must reply to their direct messages and like their posts. Whenever possible leave nice meaningful responses or comments. Visit learn more about buying likes to broaden your target audience.

Refrain from Following Your Co-Workers

It is a good idea to follow exclusively your patients or clients. You must avoid following other healthcare providers simply because you would be wasting your time seeing what they are up to. This may prove to be quite a big distraction from your responsibilities. If you are consistently interacting with other businesses, Instagram would be displaying your content mostly to those professionals and not to your important clients. You would not be able to help your clients and you would soon be out of touch with them.

Conclusion: Come Up With Useful & Informative Posts

Instagram tips

Most importantly, as everyone is going through terrible times because of the fear of coronavirus, it would be a great idea to share informative health advice and news from the medical world. You could tell your fans and followers ways to wash hands and effective sanitisation techniques to implement at home. Advise them to stay indoors during the lockdown. You could explain the consequences of not following social distancing. Your fans and followers would surely browse through your page hoping to find some useful and information-packed content since you are a health professional.

Do you have any Instagram tips that you would like to add to this list? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comments below.

These Instagram tips will help Nutritionists and Dieticians to stay in touch with their clients during the Covid-19 Pandemic to keep their business running.

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