• XNSPY Monitoring App

    Parental Monitoring App

    In a world where our children’s heads are ducked into their smartphones, it does not make them protected even if they are under the same roof as you. Their smartphones are a window to the outside world, so to get in trouble, they don’t have to be physically outside anymore. Even if you are around […]

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  • Car Safety

    Baby Locked in Car? Here’s what you should do . . .

    Even though this is something that a lot of parents believe could never happen to them, keep in mind that unexpected things happen all the times and the conditions that precede them tend to be quite random. Baby locked in car! Sure, it’s easy to paint all the parents who allow for such a thing […]

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  • What should I do if my child is choking?

    What should I do if my child starts to choke?

    Jenni Dunman, founder of Daisy First Aid Babies love to explore new objects with their mouths. Whether it is to examine new tastes or textures, or to help little teeth emerge, mouthing is a great experience for your baby, so ensure that any play objects are safe, unbreakable and are too big to fit inside […]

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  • How to make your home safe for kids

    How to Make Your Home Safe for Your Kids?

    When taking your kid to a park, a playground or any other location, the first thing that you do as a parent is to make an ocular assessment of the risks and hazards in the place. Fortunately, you never stay in these places for too long, which means that it’s fairly easy for you to […]

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  • Kids online safety

    How to Manage Your Children’s Use of Tech and the Internet

    How your children use the internet and engage with technology is something that you will have to manage and think carefully about as a parent. No parent wants their child to be exposed to things that are not suitable for them, and no parent wants their child to become too reliant on technology at the […]

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