How to make the kitchen safe for baby

Just like every parent, you’ve got hungry mouths to feed, so time in the kitchen is always well spent and a constant reoccurrence! Sadly, the kitchen can be a pretty dangerous place for a little one – so how do we go about making them safe? Here we’ll look at some tips and ideas on making the kitchen safe and fun for everyone to enjoy!


How to make the kitchen safe for baby

Let’s start from the bottom up! We’d all love it if the floor was as soft as a pillow – especially when your little one is toddling about! Sadly, that’s not really an option! But if you’re looking for something to add a little cushioning but is still practical in a kitchen setting, then you might want to consider laminate. The kitchen laminate flooring range at discount flooring depot is a great place to start. Laminate is also easy to clean so that you can mop up spillages quickly.

Your stove top

When cooking, get in the habit of using the rear hot plates. Your little one will be unable to reach the rear hot plates, greatly reducing the chances of serious burns.

If you need to use the front hot plates on the cooktop, be sure to turn pot and panhandles so they face inwards. This will prevent your child from grabbing the handles and being able to pull them down.

The simplest way to baby proof a stove is to remove the stove knobs. Most stove knobs are easily removable. Many pull straight off, while others may require the removal of a single screw. Hide the knobs until you need to use the stove, then replace them as needed. Don’t forget to remove the knobs once more when you are done.

Some of you may not like the idea of having loose stove knobs laying around, as it is mildly infuriating if they go missing and you need to use the stove. For those of you silently nodding along as you read that last sentence, you can use stove knob covers to prevent your child from fiddling with the knobs.

Beware of things on your counter tops

Towels, electrical cords, panhandles, anything. These can be pulled on by your child, bringing everything tumbling down on top of your baby.

Hot Beverages

Be very mindful of where you leave that hot cup of tea or coffee to cool. A curious child can easily knock it over, resulting in serious scalding. Also, never carry your child in one arm and a hot drink in the other; it’s a recipe for disaster.

Put things away

Return objects to cabinets as soon as you have finished using them. Sharp objects such as knives or breakable objects such as glass or china can cause serious injury if left within easy reach.

Your appliances

Do not leave appliances plugged in. As soon as you are finished worth that toaster or blender, unplug it and put it away.


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