Our focus for the year ahead? Home and Away!

Nooooo I don’t mean the Australian soap with all those dishy half-naked men and bikini-clad girlies (although I do admit it is my guilty pleasure). I haven’t told you what I got up to at the end of 2014 because quite frankly I was too busy getting ready for Christmas but at the beginning of December I invited a Feng Shui Consultant into my home to spend the day with me and assess our home and family. I will tell you all about that visit in a separate post but that visit sparked a change for us as a family and this year Hubby and I have decided that we are going to focus on getting our home organised and beautiful this year. There are some big changes that we would like to make in the long term but they will require a lot of pennies and so we need to save but in the short term there are some medium-sized tasks to tackle like knocking out a wall and there are loads of smaller jobs which will get attention this year. So that’s the home part of it in a nutshell and so the ‘Away’ bit . . .


. . . well it means getting away of course. We love our home and like spending time in it but there’s a big wide world out there and we would like to experience it with our Beans. Now that Jelly Bean is approaching his second birthday at the end of this month we are finally getting to travel a little bit lighter in the luggage department. We actually managed to go away for a whole weekend before Christmas in just one car for all six of us and that is some achievement for us let me tell you.

This year we are no longer Butlins Ambassadors as it was time to hand over the opportunity to new bloggers so that of course means we need to think about our holidays for 2015. We still haven’t taken the Beans abroad and that is something we would love to do one day but will no doubt take some planning on our part. I have no doubt that we will be looking into some more UK travel, a few weekends away might be nice and some longer breaks during the school holidays. We feel like trying somewhere new, exploring a place that will be a ‘first’ for all of us to enjoy together.

What does 2015 have in store for you??


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