Suffering from bad breath? These 4 reasons could be why!

We all know that our kids don’t hold back when it comes to being honest! They say what they’re thinking and without being deliberately hurtful, they really can shock us with their little observations! But when they come up to us and make a comment about how “big” our tummies are, or how “doughy” it feels, how our legs are prickly, comment on our bad breath or asking when they’ll get hair in their armpits, “just like mummy” it can lead to a few red faces!

We all know that our kids don’t hold back when it comes to being honest! When they make a comment about our bad breath it can lead to a few red faces!

But if your little one has ever made a comment about your bad breath, then maybe you shouldn’t put it down to that garlic bread you had the other night and take a closer look. Smelly breath could be a sign of something more severe and it is sometimes best to get professional dental care such as if you visit this cosmetic dentist temple terrace. But don’t worry, here you’ll find a few ideas of how you can improve your breath and hopefully stop any more embarrassing outbursts from your little one in the supermarket queue!

Remember, if you’re worried then go and speak to your dental professional. From a filling from an expert in Edinburgh to a tooth whitening session with a professional in Cumbria or Weybridge Dental, specialising in teeth implants in Surrey, you can find a dental practitioner that’s just right for you. But for now, let’s get to the list.

Poor oral hygiene


It may sound silly, but when was the last time you brushed your teeth? How many times do you brush a day? How long do you brush for? Have you ever flossed? It’s no surprise that most cases of bad breath are down to poor oral hygiene.

If you don’t brush or floss, then the bits of food and debris from your snacks that are left in-between your teeth are then broken down by bacteria which is a major cause of bad breath. Bacteria also live on the surface of your tongue, so when you brush – don’t forget your tongue!

Your smoking habits


Smoking is a huge factor when it comes to bad breath. Smoking stains your teeth and harms your gums which in turn causes bad breath. Smoking can cause gum disease, which is also another cause of bad breath. If you try to quit smoking, then your general health would benefit too!

Your food and drink


If you want to avoid bad breath, then steer clear of foods such as garlic, strong spices, onions. Not forgetting pungent drinks such as coffee and alcohol. These are usually only temporary issues, but if you don’t want your breath to be affected by them, then make sure you keep up with a good oral hygiene routine!

Are you dieting?


Are you currently on a diet? If you often crash diet, then this can also be a cause of bad breath. Particularly if your current diet is a low carbohydrate one. Diets such as these case the body to break down fats which produce a chemical called ketone and this is what you can smell on your breath!


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