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Highs and lows of pregnancy . . .

Top Ten Highs

1. The first scan – seeing the tiny little person on the screen makes it all seem real.

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2. The first “bubbles” of movement – initially you think that you’re just imagining it but when you realise that this is your baby you can feel moving – its amazing. 

3. The first kick – at this point you realise that baby is getting bigger. Gone are the bubbles, now you really start to feel the baby moving around and it’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve been really lucky in both of my pregnancies in that my babies have been real movers, constantly on the go. Its a really reassuring feeling.

4. Any reason to buy a new outfit!  Finally, you get to say “I need this” and can actually mean it because your old clothes are quickly being grown out of!

5. Big boobs!  After always being the one with hardly enough to fill an egg cup, I loved my new boobs when I fell pregnant with Little Bean. And despite breastfeeding for 5 months I still had them at the start of this pregnancy!! Finally, my tops fitted like they were supposed to!

6. Eating for two – though this of course is a double edged sword, at the time you think its great that you can just eat what you want but once the baby is out, for some people you realise that it wasn’t such a good idea.

7. Being looked after – from the moment you announce that you are pregnant people want to “protect” you. Hubby won’t let me do anything too strenuous around the house. He knows I’m not a china doll but it lets him do “his bit” in the pregnancy if he carries the shopping and does the hoovering!

8. Buying baby stuff – not just the clothes, its the nursery furnishings, the pushchairs etc. Each time I buy something for baby I feel like I’m one step closer to bringing him home.

9. Making new friends – since giving birth to Little Bean I’ve made some fantastic new friends, ones which I hope I will keep for life. Now that i’m pregnant again, I’ve joined antenatal exercise classes and I’ve met lots of new women who are in the same boat as me and hopefully once our little ones are here we will remain friends too.

10. The knowledge that you are creating a life – I can never get my head around how amazing it is to have a new life growing in your tummy. And when you finally hold that precious little bundle in your arms, your heart will melt and you will experience a totally different kind of love – you will love so much you feel like your heart is going to burst right open!

Top Ten Lows

1. Morning sickness – feeling sick after a night on the tiles is one thing. At least you know that (fingers crossed) you will be feeling better the next day. With morning sickness you have no idea when you might start to feel better.

2. Painful ribs – my rib has been hurting since about week 25 and I’m finding it so uncomfortable. The only thing which makes it go away is laying down but with a 2 year old to entertain I can’t be doing that all day!

3. Permanently erect nipples!  I feel like a porn star – most of the time I wear the cups from one of my bikinis inside my bra just to cover them up a bit but being pregnant – I forget! At the moment I’m 33 weeks pregnant and today I caught sight of myself in a shop window – with my erect nipples and sticky out belly button I felt like someone just needed to draw a mouth around the bottom of my bump and I had a full on face on my abdomen!

4. Constantly needing to wee!  Right from the moment you find out you’re pregnant, you feel like you’re on a permanent hunt for the nearest bathroom. Having a little person bouncing on your bladder is agony when you’re miles from a toilet.

5. That niggling feeling that creeps in when you’re feeling insecure – the one that says “what if something goes wrong”. I’m sure that every pregnant woman must go through this at some time. After an ectopic pregnancy and a missed miscarriage last year, I know this is something which has crept into my mind often during this pregnancy.

6. That tired feeling – during the first trimester you can’t believe just how tired you are. You feel like you’re going to fall asleep at the drop of a hat. The second trimester feels loads better and then in the third trimester, it starts again. I’ve tried keeping up regular walking but I’ve often walked so far that I struggle to make my way back again. It’s horrible feeling so unfit!


7. Change in friendships – sometimes this happens when you’re at a different stage in your life to your friends. They may still be going out socialising every weekend, getting drunk and dancing until all hours when this is something you can no longer manage. Conversations can become difficult because you just want to talk about your pregnancy but some friends who aren’t necessarily baby orientated might find this a bit boring.

8. Cankles – towards the end of pregnancy you often end up with puffy hands, feet and ankles. Being pregnant in the summer makes this condition slightly worse. Sitting with your feet up really does help but its hard enough to feel attractive as it is when you’re the size of a house but cankles just make you feel even less feminine.

9. Acid indigestion – I think this should actually be my number 1! This is something which has plagued me through both of my pregnancies. Gaviscon has become my new best friend, every time I bend down to put my shoes on, pick up Little Bean, pick up toys etc I get that really horrible burning sensation in my throat.

10. Constipation – I guess its a way of preparing you for labour but it sucks! I have been diagnosed as being anaemic too so the docs have put me on iron supplements which only serves to make matters worse. I have tried drinking lots of water but then I’m back to number 4 again!

But you know what, its all totally worth it and I wouldn’t change a thing if it means that at the end of it all I have a beautiful baby in my arms!

What would you add to this list?

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  1. Emma
    August 3, 2010 / 8:05 pm

    Glad you’re doing okay, I can’t wait to do it all over again, must be mad..!! 😉

    • mummymatters
      August 4, 2010 / 9:53 am

      Oooh anything you want to share with me? Or are we still in the preparation stages?

      Hope things are going well, will drop you an email when I remember!! xx

      • Emma
        August 5, 2010 / 3:21 pm

        Just at the preparation stages right now… but getting quite excited about the prospect of having another little bambino screaming the place down..:-/ !! xx

        • mummymatters
          August 6, 2010 / 9:56 am

          Well fingers crossed for you, hope all goes well and do keep us posted xx

  2. mumtoc
    August 7, 2010 / 5:48 pm

    I just wanted to add to your number 10 of your Top Ten Highs. I totally agree with you on that one. I remember thinking and saying to people, when I was mid-pregnancy with C, that in your own life time, 9 or 10 months feeling rough is actually worth it when you know you’re bringing a new life into the world.

    I also recall the feeling of seeing your precious new baby for the first time. You constantly wonder what they’ll look like – eye colour, hair colour, look more like Mummy or Daddy? So it really is special when you get to say “hello” properly.

    I can’t wait to be able to tell everyone that we’re expecting again – its that exciting time when everyone is overjoyed to hear that news. I just hope I won’t be waiting too long! Come on Mother Nature – send some baby fairy dust my way please!?!

    • mummymatters
      August 9, 2010 / 11:27 am

      So right Wendy, and I can’t wait until you call to tell me you’re expecting too!! I’ll have words with M Nature and see what she’s got to say for herself!

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