Is that you Little One?

I’ve been experiencing some magical moments lately that I just have to share with you. For the past week, as I unwind with my book (currently diving into BREAKING DAWN – YIPPEE!!) before bedtime, I’ve started to feel these delightful sensations in my tummy. I’m convinced it’s our baby making their presence known. However, I can’t help but question myself at times, wondering if it’s happening or if it’s all in my head. You see when I was pregnant with Little Bean, I was further along before I felt these sensations. But they say you can feel it earlier in the second pregnancy, and I’m showing earlier this time too.

The Sensational “Bubbles”

It’s an incredible and reassuring feeling that I had almost forgotten how nice it is. I’m eagerly anticipating the moments when I’ll feel those unmistakable kicks and wiggles. My husband even mentioned this morning that he wishes he could experience this too, but it’s a bit challenging to describe. I’ve tried explaining it as if you have bubbles rolling along the inside of your skin or like the gentle flutters of butterflies. But somehow, those words don’t quite capture the essence of it. Have you ever tried to describe this feeling to your partner? When did you first feel your babies’ movements? And, please, assure me that I’m not just mistaking it for something else – lol!

Share Your Experiences

I’d love to hear from you about your own experiences with those first precious movements and how you described them to your partners. Share your stories in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Is that you Little One?”

  1. I felt it earlier with H, probably around 10 weeks it started. And yes it is very similar to wind, butterflies etc! I am questioning whether I am suffering with Irritable Bowel at the mo (doc says it’s not but I’m not convinced – it flares up when stressed or anxious and some foods trigger it) – anyway, getting off topic here, what I was meaning to say is that the sensations I get sometimes – which are most definitly not a baby – feel very similar to those early flutters and it is like air bubbles moving around in there – with me that is what it is though, much rather have a baby in there lmao!!

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