Hi ho, hi ho, its off to hospital we go . .

Last night, I had that moment that pregnant women dread!! A harmless trip to the toilet resulted in a panic-stricken call to the maternity unit as I was bleeding again, so off to the hospital we had to go.  This is the third time I’ve had a bleed during this pregnancy.  The first at nine weeks, the second at 23 weeks and now again at 33 weeks pregnant.

Pregnancy Concerns

Hi ho, hi ho, its off to hospital we go . . 1

After two failed pregnancies last year, we are naturally very anxious when things don’t run to plan.

At 23 weeks, we had quite a lot of bleeding following some bedroom athletics.  This made us both feel terrible, so we decided that there would be no more until the baby was safely in our arms – it hadn’t been fun, but we thought it would be worth it in the end.  They said that I had an ectropion, an erosion of the cervix.  Our frivolities had most likely aggravated it, which resulted in the bleeding.  At the time, I was sent home and told that all should be fine and to watch out for any further bleeding as further bleeds could lead to scar tissue building up on the placenta – ultimately leading to the placenta not being effective enough to care for the baby.

Bump Pains

My tummy has been very tender at the bottom of my bump for the last couple of weeks, often feeling like I’ve pulled a muscle.  I’ve also had odd bouts of period pains in my tummy and back, but they have subsided again, so I’ve not worried too much. 

Then, last night, I had bleeding again, and my heart sunk into my stomach – here we go again.  At least this time, it was at a more civil hour, so I didn’t feel quite so bad about calling my Mum over to look after Little Bean.

In the Maternity Unit

We arrived at the Maternity Unit and were seen pretty quickly, bearing in mind how busy the unit was; it looked like many new faces were entering the world last night.  Hearing the newborn babies cries was just magical – seeing the labouring mothers doubled over walking the corridors was frightening!  That will be me again soon!

Cervical Polyps

cervical polyps

I was strapped to a baby monitor, the part I love – just listening to the steam train that is my boy’s heartbeat.  Upon examination, I was told by the Doctor that I had a Polyp on my Cervix, which was bleeding.  It could be linked to the ectropion, but it appeared quite small, so it shouldn’t be a problem.  They are testing me for infections and have told me to watch out for more bleeding.

This morning, I did that stupid thing that internet surfers do: I googled Cervical Polyps in Pregnancy.  The first article I found scared the pants off me as it said that most polyps are benign, but all polyps should be thoroughly investigated to ensure they are not cancerous.  After the whole Jade Goody thing, I naturally let my brain run ahead with itself and worry. 

Of course, many other websites say that it is nothing to worry about and that it is very common in women who have had previous pregnancies.  But once you have seen the “C” word, you can’t help but panic.  This morning, I’m not actively bleeding, but I still show signs of blood when I wipe each time I go to the toilet. 

Have you ever had anything similar in your pregnancies?  Please tell me I’m just being daft and not to get my knickers in a twist!

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  1. Try not to worry, not all polyps are cancerous I had some removed about 6 1/2 years ago, they were nasal and were about 3 cm from my brain! Day surgery to have them removed lasted a little longer, what can I say I’m a bleeder! lol and I was pretty sore for a few weeks but results all came back benign. As for ones in pregnancy, sorry but never had anything similar in any of mine but I’m sure you’ll, (and your boy), will be fine. Just try to relax and just think good thoughts……. in a few weeks you’ll be holding your precious parcel. xxxxx

    • I’m feeling much better now thank you as I’ve spoken to a few people who have been in a similar situation. I can’t believe I’m actually down to less than 10 weeks, this pregnancy has flown by! Wish you were here to see him though xx

  2. I’ve never heard of polyops myself but I know the dangers of googling babes. I did it. I still do for everything. At my 12 week scan they diagnosed a “bicornate uterus” but told me that and that alone. Well of course google was my next stop wasnt it! And it wasnt pretty reading. Prone to miscarriage, difficult labours, emergency c-sections etc. Yeah I wasnt too pleased with all that and kinda started to shit it just a bit! Best thing to do, talk to your midwife about what you’ve read, thats what I did, she agreed to send me to the consultant who discussed my worries with me.
    Got everything crossed for you that the rest of the pregnancy goes according to plan and smoothly 😀 x

    • Thank you! That was going to be my next course of action, but my midwife is sooooo laid back all she ever says is “yeah that’s normal” or “that’s what happens when you’re pregnant”. Lovely lady but sometimes I want to kick her up the backside!! xx

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