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This week’s theme for The Gallery by Tara Cain at Sticky Fingers was Playtime – who doesn’t love Playtime!?
Playtime can be interpreted in many different ways; initially, as a parent, you think about your children playing, but then you realise – hey, we get playtime too!!
I took this photograph a couple of weeks ago of Little Bean and her best friend, Little Miss – they were having a wail of a time just throwing stones in the water. They would have stayed there all day, but Cafebebe and I had different ideas!
New Camera 2010 016
Little Bean has always had a thing about textures – in that she doesn’t like to get her hands messy or touch funny feeling stuff. Initially, she would freak out if I put a blob of Play-Doh in front of her. Now she asks to play with it most days – always wanting to “cut it” or “stab it”.
Snowtime! 021
Playtime in the snow with Daddy. Sadly, we have moved from this house now – the big hill was right behind our house and great fun in the snow. I’m not sure where we’ll go next time it snows, but we’ll find somewhere because the children are both very outdoorsy and love playing in the snow!!
70's nite 119
Hey, even I get to play sometimes – though, as you can see, this was before I was pregnant again. This was a ’70s night out with the girlies (pictured with MumtoJ). This was a brilliant night out – you can’t beat fancy dress for a good giggle!!
New Camera 2010 027
I’m sure Hubby will kill me for this one, but what could be more fun for the little ones than dressing Daddy up as a Princess!!

Doesn’t he make a happy Princess? He was sulking because Little Bean wouldn’t let him wear her tutu!!

18 thoughts on “The Gallery: Playtime”

  1. What lovely pictures! Our girls CAN play nicely together after all! And I particularly enjoy the last one of hubby! He’ll be so pleased 😉

    • Our girls were playing nicely because there were NO TOYS! They just need a bit more practice, we’re obviously out and about too much!!
      Tee hee, its a good job he’s got a sense of humour xx

    • Thank you, I love taking photos because no matter how much you think you will remember a certain face or place in time, after a while it gets a little blurry around the edges.

    • I think Daddy wasn’t impressed because he knows me so well, he knew that this picture would make an appearance somewhere, sometime!! Tee hee!

    • Thank you, I was really impressed with these pics too. Had just bought a new camera which takes 10 shots per second, great for getting pictures of children as they move so fast!

  2. Love the photos, your girls are so cute and the last one gave me a proper chuckle! … will you be telling hubby that he’s now famous?!

    • Thank you, I will pass on your compliment to Cafebebe – we think they’re cute but we are pretty biased!! I showed Hubby the post last night when he heard my Mum laughing at it, thankfully he has a good sense of humour, though he did mutter something about revenge!?

    • Thank you for the compliment! That was the first time I had worn a “very” short dress since having Little Bean but I felt really confident and had a great night!

    • He didn’t mind being dressed up so much as me taking the photographic evidence of it! Little Bean was so impressed with herself, it was totally worth it! Thanks for dropping by!

  3. These are such wonderful pictures! We do forget that adults can play as well, I think!
    Chipmunk has always been funny about texture, with touch and food as well. I hope it’ll get easier for him! 😀

    • I think as adults we totally forget what is was like to be a child and should do “regress” more often! At my cousins wedding at the weekend I caught her Grandma going down the slide – I want to be that Grandma!
      Little Bean is different with textures on different days, some days she’ll be totally fine the next she will revert back to hating everything she touches! Kids – they keep you on your toes thats for sure!

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