Does AutoZone Have Senior Discounts?

Senior discounts are a great way to save money while accomplishing DIY auto maintenance and repairs. Shop for sales and discounts today and learn how to replace headlight bulb and other maintenance tasks to protect your investment. Keep your vehicle running for years to come with professional parts at great prices.

Available Discounts

Autozone Senior Discounts

Discounts are available for a wide range of services. Special promotional pricing combines with every day affordable prices to give you a competitive rate for the parts you need. Here are some parts that may be eligible for a discount for seniors and other customers:

  • Brake pads
  • Oil and filters
  • Garage items
  • Battery testing
  • Fuel injector cleaner and other fluids

In addition to great coupons and discounts, find out how you can enjoy free or affordable in-store services for your vehicle. These services also help you save time and money by assisting you with diagnosing and troubleshooting your repair needs.

Search for the parts and products you need online to find parts that match your vehicle. It can be difficult to find the right headlight, sensor or other component that’s designed for your make and model of vehicle, so enter your information online to sort items based on their compatibility.

In-Store Services

In-store services give you the confidence and tools you need to restore or upgrade your vehicle. Here are some services that are available for free at your local auto parts store:

  • Loan-a-tool program
  • Fix finder service
  • Battery testing
  • Battery recycling
  • Curbside pickup
  • Alternator testing

AutoZone in store services is offered by professional technicians in your area to help you find the problem with your vehicle. If your check engine light is on, your battery isn’t holding a charge or you need to recycle your old battery, turn to our local store.

These convenient services help you make the most of your auto maintenance project. Don’t invest in specialized tools for a single project, but borrow them for a particular case to save money and still repair your own vehicle.

How-To Guides and Other Assistance

Car parts

You may find a great deal on a new auto part, but do you have the know-how to repair your vehicle? Explore online how-to guides and other resources for the confidence you need to restore your vehicle.

Everything from minor repair issues to major engine problems is covered with a wide range of guides. Follow videos, images and clear instructions to replace your damaged components. Headlight replacement, tire rotation, brake pad replacement and other services are all covered.

Chat with a representative online or discuss your repair issues with your local in-store auto technician. These knowledgeable professionals can assist you in finding the right parts and how-to guide for your maintenance issue.

Order Discounted Auto Parts Today

Whether you’re looking for a new battery, replacement headlight bulbs, a set of tires or accessories for your garage, find great deals and discounts at your local auto parts store. Enjoy discounts for seniors and other customers when you shop online or at your local store location. Order online for curbside pickup to stay safe and save money while you maintain your vehicle.

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