Diamonds: Tips for Choosing the Best One

When it comes to diamonds, there can be a lot of different options to think about, process, and choose from. And depending on what you’re buying it for, there can be a lot of pressure to pick the best one as well! When it comes to deciding what diamond to buy, there are certain tips that you need to know. Because when it comes down to it, all diamonds aren’t created the same. 


To the naked eye, it might be hard to look at a diamond and know the difference, but there are ways that you can find a diamond that is worth the price. If you’re in the market for a diamond, you’re not going to want to miss these simple tips and words of advice. 

How much does it cost to get a diamond?

The easy answer is that a diamond’s cost will vary greatly depending on a number of factors. Keep in mind that if you want to stay within your budget, there are ways to make that happen. Lab-grown diamonds are one aspect that you might want to do more research on. These diamonds look beautiful and still have that same shimmer and sparkle, but they’re created in a lab that can ultimately be a lower overall price. 

However, if you’re wanting to buy a diamond outright, expect anywhere from $2,000 per carat and above, again depending on the quality of the diamond. This is what you are going to pay for a good cut with great clarity. Can you find a cheaper one? Yes, but ultimately you’ll be paying for what you purchase. 

What should I look for when buying a diamond?

When it comes to buying a diamond you should learn more about pricing first and other certain things to look for. And don’t forget to ask questions along the way! Buying a diamond is a large purchase and one of the biggest decisions for some people since it’s typically for an engagement ring or wedding ring, or something special like that. 

There are certain things that you need to be looking for when buying a diamond, and those include:

  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Colour
  • Certification

All of those items mentioned above are basic information that you should be able to ask questions on and get a good answer. For diamonds that are the best clarify, colour, and cut, you’re going to pay top dollar for them because they’re the best of the best.

However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, those are out there, too, and they’re still quite beautiful as well. Do your research online or go with a reputable company like Executive Ice, where you can ask questions and get them answered by people who know the world of diamonds. 

How do I get the best deal on a diamond?


Trying to find a “deal” on a diamond can be a bit tricky. While it’s important to get the best value for your money, you have to be careful about how you go about it. Some people will buy from someone who is getting rid of their diamond ring, but that can have its own risks involved.

This is because there is no guarantee at all that what you’re looking for in a diamond is what you’ll actually get. You’ll be taking the word of a stranger as to the clarity and condition of that diamond. And if you’re new to buying a diamond, you need to really be careful before buying one from someone who isn’t an expert. 

The easiest way to get a deal on a diamond is to choose a lower-quality clarity or colouring. There are still many great diamond options out there that will have you with a beautiful diamond but for a much lower price.

You can also choose to have a lab-created diamond as well, and that will save you on the price, too. This is because since it was made in a lab and not found naturally in the world, the cost is a lot cheaper. 

What is the best diamond to buy?

There are so many different cuts of diamonds to choose from when it comes to the best diamond to buy! And if you’ve ever stopped and taken a look at someone else’s diamond ring, you know that this is true.

While most people tend to buy diamonds based on the style and cut that they like, there are some diamond cuts that are just generally more popular than others. Emerald cut engagement ring features a unique, asymmetrical design that is sure to catch everyone’s eye. One of the benefits of choosing an emerald-cut engagement ring is that it can be very versatile. You can wear it alone or as part of a larger diamond ring ensemble. 

How can you tell that a diamond is real?

What an important question, right?! The last thing that you want to find out is that you paid good money for a diamond, only to find out that it’s not a diamond at all! The easiest way to tell if a diamond is real is to make certain that you’re working with a reputable company like The Estate Watch & Jewelry Co., a jewellery shop from Scottsdale, Arizona. But if you’re going to go shopping for a diamond on your own, you can try this simple test below to help guide you along the way. (Keep in mind that this isn’t a fool-proof test, but it is one of the ways that you can test it out and see if it’s real to the best of your own ability) 

Simply take the diamond stone and breath onto it to create a fog. (like you would on a window on a cold day) If the fog appears and vanishes quickly, within a couple of seconds, more than likely, the diamond is real. However, if the fog hangs around for 4-5 seconds, then that should be an indicator that it’s not a real diamond and you need to move on from making that purchase. 

Does a real diamond sparkle rainbow?

This is another way that you can sometimes tell if a diamond is real or not. Everyone wants their diamond to sparkle in the light, and while it’s true that it should, there are some ways that it SHOULDN’T sparkle as well. 

If you’re looking for that rainbow quality, those colours of the rainbow can happen with a real diamond, but they need to be happening on the outside of the diamond and look like it’s on top. This means that you probably have a real diamond if that is the case.

However, if you’re looking into your diamond and you see a rainbow of colours on the inside, this is your cue that you’re dealing with a diamond that isn’t a diamond, and it’s time to walk away. 

What can damage a diamond?

This is such an interesting question that a lot of people get wrong. Diamonds can break! And they will! There are certain points of a diamond that are weaker than others, and if hit just right, they’ll chip. 

While this doesn’t happen very often, it will happen, and most people find it shocking since the diamond is one of the hardest stones. But just keep in mind that it’s rare, but it is something to be aware of as a possibility. 

Along with a bump along the way that can chip a diamond, extreme heat can also do damage, too. Just do your best to keep your diamond with you on your hand or body at all times, and don’t leave it in places where the heat fluctuates drastically. 

Diamonds: Tips for Choosing the Best One


Now that we’ve answered some of the biggest questions that surround diamonds, there are just a few other simple tips to reiterate and keep in mind. And as you’re shopping for a diamond, have fun doing so. You’re more than likely making a huge purchase for yourself or for someone that you love, so this should be an experience that you enjoy as well. 

Ask all the questions

If you have questions, get them answered. Spending thousands of dollars (possibly) for a diamond isn’t something to scoff at, and you shouldn’t have to hold back your questions, either. 

Find a company you trust

Read reviews and go with your gut. You can shop online or in person and know that you’ve made a good choice by the quality of customer service that you’re receiving. 

Know your budget before shopping

You’re going to be tempted to buy bigger and better; that’s the way it is. But if you know your budget before arriving or shopping online, you’ll be able to focus on the options that work best for you. 

Give yourself time to process

You’ll have a lot of information to work through in your brain when buying the best diamond. And that’s okay. It’s a huge choice to make! Allow yourself the time to make that choice, so you’re satisfied with your process.

These simple tips for buying a diamond are a huge help in the selection and purchasing process. After all, you’re about to drop some money on a beautiful investment that you want to show off! Take your time and use these tips to buy the best diamond for you! 

Diamonds tips for choosing the right one

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