Daisy Hat How-to Guide from Country Baskets

There aren’t many children who don’t love to dress up. I love this how-to guide from Country Baskets, it reminds me of the fun times we had at Bewilderwood. Why not have a go at making some with your little ones of the summer holidays . . .

Daisy Hat

Create a template by drawing around a dinner plate (the larger the circle the larger the hat). Fold in half and in half again and then along the crease lines draw your petal shapes and cut out).

Daisy Hat

Pin the template on to three layers of different colour felt and cut around the outside.

Daisy Hat

Cut out a small circle of stiff card and a small circle of felt and glue felt onto card (a mug is a perfect template). Then take a piece of green felt, use the mug as a template and then cut out using a scalloped edge.

Daisy Hat

Using wool sew a small tuck in the centre of each petal at the base to give the petals shape.

Daisy Hat

Take piece of stiff wire, fold in half and thread through a large button. Push the wire through the cardboard disk (felt side out) then through the petal layers and the green scalloped disc. Apply a little glue between each layer near the centre.

Daisy Hat

Finally take a piece of green felt and wrap around the remaining wire and secure with glue to create a stalk, make sure the green felt is glued securely to the hat. Gently bend the stalk for a more natural effect.


Sit back, relax and watch your little flower fairies have lots of role playing fun!

Country Baskets

DISCLAIMER: This how-to guide was provided by Country Baskets. I have not received any payment for this post.

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