Creative Things to Sew For Your Dog

We all know that if you own a dog (or any pet for that matter) they most likely are a figure of purpose your daily life revolves around in some manner. Dogs ‘smile’ and wag their tail when you get up in the morning, when you get home from work when you move from room to room when you look at them sideways… you get the picture. They truly are humankind’s best friend and owning one is akin to an additional family member you couldn’t live without.

Creative things to sew for your dog
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Crafty people and want-to-be crafty people, this article is for you. Your dog deserves the same time and effort you put into those homemade Halloween costumes each year (if you have children), or appliqued coasters you give each Holiday season (if you do that sort of thing).

The bottom line is, you can easily create some homemade, creative things for your dog made with the personal love and time these sort of things take. But don’t worry, they aren’t difficult, and most anyone who can handle a needle and thread can make these in no time.

Dogs and Your Health

If you need further reason to take the effort to sew a craft for your pet (other than their soft, liquid, loving eyes), take a look at what they do for your health. Sure, sometimes they make you want to tear your hair out, and getting past their terrible two stages can be frustrating, but the companionship they provide is unequal to anything else. They also are an amazing addition to your family and can help your children grow and learn through their care.

The bond between a human and their pet can do wonders for both physical and mental health as well. It often increases fitness, decreases blood pressure and stress, and can increase heart function (to name a few). So, I think it’s safe to say they deserve a little of your time and creative flair.

What You Might Need

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Before diving into pattern hunting and listing all your lovable pets you must have made for them, take into account what you need to get started. First, you need a needle and thread at the very least, but a sewing machine for making clothes is even better. You also will need cloth, and either a pre-made, or home-made pattern to help you size and shape the material.

Creative Crafts to Sew for Your Dog

The following ideas are a quick selection to get your creative juices flowing and focused on what is going to be best for your dog. Perhaps you want something practical to make care easier or maybe comfortable to alleviate an ageing body; no matter what you decide it is sure to be appreciated.

Dog Coat

Dog coat

As the seasons begin to change, your short-haired dogs will definitely thank you for a fall or winter weight coat. Layer warm wools and cotton batting to provide an easy to velcro and secure option for pets of any size.

Dog Bed

Your dog deserves a bed of its own. Sew a thick round or square option that helps cushion their joints and provide a comfortable place to rest. You can even sew pocket beds for those dogs that love to burrow and tuck themselves in.

Paw Protection


Winter can wreak havoc on your dog’s paws, but if they love their daily walks and frolicking outside in winter weather, sew up some protective paw ‘socks’ you can secure with velcro. You can also do this with lighter, durable materials for summer if you regularly walk on hot pavement.

Car Seat Protector

A car hammock or seat protectors are a great way to keep the pup off your vehicle upholstery. And it’s also easy to remove to launder as well. Back seat hammocks are simply long sheets of durable materials that attach to seat backs and allow your pet to sprawl out while protecting the car fabric from hair and nail marks.

Crate Covers

Dog crate

Dogs, by nature, like to get into an enclosed area. Some of the best crates are the wire ones, but they are wide open to the rooms they are placed in. Sew a nice cover to provide a darkened, private area for them to escape to.

Water Bowl Mat

Protect your floor from doggie dribbles with an absorbent water mat. You can also do this for food.


Dog toys

Find some cheap squeakers and sew some of your own toys for play. If your dog is destructive, look for canvas materials so they last longer.

Waste Bag Holder

Make your own small waste bag holder that you can attach directly to the leash when on walks. These are convenient and save you the trouble when you forget your bags. 

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