6 Simple Ways to Pet-Proof Your Vehicle

Is there any better feeling than jumping into the car with your best furry friend to go for a joyride? Most dogs love getting in the car to feel the breeze, and even animals that aren’t such fans of the open road still need to take trips now and then to go to the vet. 

Travel with pets

Unfortunately, our pets don’t have the same regard for car interiors as we do. Excited dogs can scratch and tear seats and get slobber and hair everywhere. Therefore, pet-proofing your vehicle becomes essential to ensure that you and your pet have an enjoyable time out together. Check out these easy tips that cover getting a door protector from dog scratches to travel crates for long trips.

Get A Door Protector From Dog Scratching

Door panels are often the first victims of excited dogs. While innocently trying to look out the window or explore the backseat, dogs can accidentally claw and damage panels. Fortunately, door protectors exist and are easy to install. A good door protector has tabs that can fit in the window panel and a thick pad that rests against the interior to ensure that no matter how happy your fluffy friend gets, your interior doesn’t pay the price.

Try Pet Seat Covers

While sharp nails are certainly a concern for drivers who bring their pets with them, the next biggest problem is fur. It’s hard to clean up and unsightly to look at. Pet seat covers can help save your car interiors and make cleaning easy. These covers slide over the seat and are waterproof to protect from hair, dirt, and mud. Then, when you have another guest in your vehicle, the cover can quickly slide off and be cleaned.

Strap in with Pet Harnesses

travel with dog

While dogs love to hang their heads out the window and watch the sights of the world, it can be dangerous. Whether they see something outside of the car that catches their attention or they slip, it’s important to make sure your pets are secure. Pet harnesses attach to seat belts and make sure that your pets are protected from accidents and their curiosity out on the open road.

Use Window Coverings From Slobber

As much as we wish for it, dogs don’t always grasp the concept of windows. Dogs will often press their faces into car windows if they can’t get their heads out. Window coverings are clear plastic wraps that stick to windows and can be peeled off and discarded after each trip, ensuring that all the smudges your dog make go in the trash.

Wipe Away Smells with Odor Eliminators

6 Simple Ways to Pet-Proof Your Vehicle

Sometimes what dogs leave behind in vehicles is harder to clean than fur and slobber. Wet dog smell tends to linger, and even a well-cleaned dog can still leave an odour—not to mention the smell leftover from accidents. Odor eliminators don’t just cover up the smell like a car freshener will do, but penetrate deep to get rid of smells at a micro-level.

Utilise Travel Crates for Long Trips

As much as dogs love to feel the breeze on their faces, it isn’t always possible during long car rides. Whether it’s due to weather or long stretches of highway driving, it’s sometimes necessary for your pet to be safe. Travel crates are a great option for owners who want their pets to be able to relax on the journey. And, as an added benefit, travel crates contain many of the cleaning issues that lead to pet-proofing in the first place.

6 Simple Ways to Pet-Proof Your Vehicle 1

9 thoughts on “6 Simple Ways to Pet-Proof Your Vehicle”

  1. I’ve never had a dog so didn’t know there were so many things to consider when taking them on a ride. We’ve had our cat in a few car rides over the years. If it’s long, she tends to just lounge on the floor in the back and we put her in the cat carrier if needed.

  2. Having traveled across country with three cats and two dogs these are some very good ideas. The window coverings for slobber are a definite must. And seat covers go along way.

  3. We don’t have any pets, but I guess pet harnesses would come in handy when traveling with your furry friends to keep them safe. Odor eliminator would be important too.

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