5 Simple ways to create lasting memories with your children

Memory is an interpretation of our experience, which are affected by the passage of time, our perspective, emotions and so much more. A happy childhood is your foundation for life. It nurtures confidence, creativity and talent, which helps kids to excel in their adult life. When you create happy memories for children, they will internalize that and grow up to be healthy young adults who are able to deal with life’s curveballs. To be rock solid, one must have a sense of self-worth, and that will come from the reassurance given to the children by parents. 

As many parents can attest, children grow up too fast. One minute they are crawling around and the next you’re sending them into the world. Creating lasting memories and spending quality time with your kids can seem like a task especially when burdens with work and other social activities. But the thing is that these memories do not need to be an elaborate event. The best ones are created when they are spontaneous and unplanned. Cherishing memories will make your kids feel loved, strong, empowered, comforted and safe. Following a few simple steps, you can create warm fuzzy nostalgic moments with your loved ones:

5 Simple ways to create lasting memories with your children
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Go for an Adventure/Vacation

Escaping from your daily schedule and duties to spend more time with your family is one of the greatest things to do. A brief escape from reality will help you reconnect with your loved ones and will definitely omit the stresses of daily routines. A family vacation or getaway can awaken a childlike wonder in adults although they are usually geared towards children. Visiting zoos, museums, aquariums, beaches, and so much more can create everlasting memories with kids because children remember trips. Being somewhere new is exciting and they will recall even the tiniest moments spent with their family.

Framing moments together 

Capturing moments on camera, as a surprise mini getaway with family over the weekend or a day at the beach is a great way to plant memories and visual reminders of the times spent together. Documenting experiences like framing your kids in pictures around the house or placing them on the desk in the family room can be a great way to relieve them in the future. Small efforts in saving memories and moments can go a long way and it is totally worth it. Your kids will grow up faster than you think and taking photos is the best way to capture their childhood in your memory.

Doing something new 

No matter your age, it’s never late to learn something new. Surprising your kids with something they have never done before creates excitement and curiosity in their minds. Taking part in extracurricular activities together like joining a club or taking a class. You and your child can both benefit and learn together from these family-friendly classes. The most important thing is to find an activity that best suits your family. Choosing areas of study that align with your child’s passion is the best way to ensure that they’re engaged in what they’re learning. You can also flip the script and allow your child to teach you something new, this will help you get an insight into your child’s mind. You can also consider painting, cooking, fishing or even a dance class together. With endless options available, just make sure it is something new!

Game Night

Engaging in a bit of friendly competition is the best way to create lasting memories with your kids. A family game night is great and it often becomes a recurring tradition. This allows your kids to partake and choose their favourite card or board games and spice up the game into tournament-style or create teams amongst each other. You can even raise the stakes and create prizes for the winning team like the winning team will not do chores for the week, the winner decides the movie and many more. The goal is to spend time together as a family and have fun. This also helps boost confidence in your child and in a way prepares him or her for this competitive world.

Focus more on making memories

The best memories are created in the spur of a moment. Instead of following a back to back schedule, perhaps you can have a lazy Sunday, play catch, go for a walk on the beach, or around the neighbourhood. Doing this often will not only create memories of you being there for your child but oftentimes these opportunities allow for your child to open up and share their innermost secrets with you. 

5 Simple ways to create lasting memories with your children 1
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Creating memories whether it be childhood memories or family memories is one of the greatest gifts one can receive. Memories should be lasting experiences and play a major role in forging a lasting bond between you and your children. Nostalgic memories are priceless gifts that you can give your children. Thus, these simple steps will undoubtedly pack your child’s memory bank with love and positivity; and help you develop confidence, thriving children.

5 Simple ways to create lasting memories with your children 2

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