What ordinary family moments do you look forward to?

Ordinary moments

If you have children then you can pretty much guarantee your life will be far from mundane. Children have this way of livening things up, bringing joy to some of the most uneventful activities. Playing on a swing isn’t just playing on a swing, it’s a rope in the jungle getting them from branch to branch, a trampoline isn’t a trampoline, it’s a stage to perform to their audience, a bed isn’t just a bed, it’s a spaceship, a flying carpet, a pirate ship. Children make the ordinary, extraordinary and find excitement in the simplest of things.

Since becoming a Mummy the ordinary family moments I most look forward to is waking up in a morning. Whilst each of my tiddlers were still babies I would wake up excited at the thought of seeing them for the first time that day and every morning I would bring them into my bed for their morning feed. I revelled in the opportunity to enjoy warm snuggles with them and really bond with them.

As they have grown and become more mobile and independent they have carried on the morning tradition themselves and climbed into bed with me of their own accord. Sometimes they bring their teddies and soft toys with them for a snuggle with Mummy, others they might bring their books so that we can read together or talk about the day ahead and plan our adventures.

Whilst Jelly Bean was still sleeping in his crib at the side of my bed I would wake up and look into his big blue eyes and watch as the smile spread across his face. Minutes later our bedroom door would burst open and we would be joined by Little Bean and Beanie Boy desperate to see their baby brother. Each morning I say to myself “I will remember this moment forever” but I know that as time passes by some of the infinite detail will slip away.

Now that Jelly Bean is sharing a room with Beanie Boy I miss his first smiles of the day, he shares them with his big brother but each morning I am still woken up by Little Bean or Beanie Boy climbing into bed beside me and planting a kiss on my cheek. Then Daddy usually fetches Jelly Bean so that he can join us. I can’t think of a better way to start the day, can you?

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