5 Types Of Car Service You Need To Avail On A Proper Schedule

The first and foremost duty you should have towards your car is to take it regularly to a trusted centre. Proper servicing on time will help you avoid car accidents and other kinds of mishaps on the road. Also, it has been proven that car servicing can increase the vehicle’s longevity and deliver the desired top-scale performance for a greater number of years. 

5 Types Of Car Service You Need To Avail On A Proper Schedule

There are several kinds of car service in the automotive industry, starting with the oil and filter check to a full-scale manufacturing servicing. To maintain your car’s health, you need to choose the proper service at the proper time. And to understand the gravity of the situation, you will have to understand these servicing types’ basics. 

To make you more knowledgeable, we have described the five most common car service types you can find in the industry.

Oil And Filter Servicing

Changing of break oils, mobile and filter are the minimum requirements for the better condition of the car. However, regardless of how you drive, you need to ensure that the oil filter is replaced with a new one before it gets clogged completely with the fuel sediments and damaging the engine. Oil and filter change is a preliminary type of car service, which is essential for increasing the engine’s longevity and the overall car’s performance. 

Interim And Basic Servicing 

Interim is the most basic type of service you can avail of in the automotive market. It includes a superficial mechanical and visual inspection of the car and the various systems included in it. Interim car service is one of the most chosen servicing categories. In this, almost thirty-five to forty key components are inspected and checked for an overall improvement in the car’s performance. 

Special areas: wear and tear in the external chassis, engine and transmission system check, fluid leaks, fuel filter check, horn and brake checks, battery check, and others. 

Full Car Servicing 

Full car servicing is suggested when the car faces any severe damages. Or else regular servicing can keep the car in running condition if you have the bumper to bumper insurance. It is better to have full car servicing after any major car damages. Special areas: air filter change and checks, fuel filter check and replacement, air conditioning and ventilation system check and repair, spark plug change and repair, wheel bearing and suspension checks, extensive brake inspection and repair, electrical check and repairing like a battery, clutch, alternator, and others. 

Major Car Servicing 

Car service

Major car service is the next level check which includes every key facet of the full servicing and further in-depth inspection. In most garages, this is called the gold service package, and it is usually done every 24 months or when your car has covered at least twenty-four thousand miles. It is basically for trucks or HMV for long travel safety issues, whereas hatchback or sedan may also carry out such services if it seems cost-effective.

Special areas: engine oil check and repair, car filters inspection and replacement, in-depth spark plug examination, flush and change system inspection and repair, safety systems inspection, battery test and repair, and others. 

Manufacturer Services 

The last type of car service that we will discuss is the manufacturer service which is the ultimate form of a check in the automotive industry. It includes the inspection, repair, and replacement of every single part of the car, starting with the exterior chassis to the interior seat upholsteries.

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In this article, we have put forth the five different types of car service that you can avail of in the automotive industry. Just make sure you are not giving an excuse for not going to the car’s timely servicing because if that’s the case, various automotive systems will start wearing out. Over time, the longevity and performance will get reduced.

5 Types Of Car Service You Need To Avail On A Proper Schedule 1

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