Lion King brings back happy memories . . .

Once upon a time a younger Mummy Matters started dating her best friend. After just a few weeks their first Valentines Day was fast approaching and she was told to be ready early for a surprise day trip. She was picked up at 7am and asked “do you want to know where we’re going?”. Being rather like a big kid, she excitedly replied “yes please”. “Have a look in the glove box” she was instructed. As Mummy Matters opened the glove box she moved aside the cuddly lion cub and routed around in the CD’s and looked back to her man with a look of bewilderment. “There” he said, pointing at the cuddly lion cub. Now Mummy Matters was really confused, “ooh are we going to the zoo?”. “No” he replied, “don’t you know who it is?”. “Erm no sorry, it just looks like a Lion Cub?”.

Silly old Mummy Matters was holding a toy Simba in her hands as she was heading down to London to see Lion King the Musical and have a romantic day out in London!!

Of course, the best friend that I am talking about it now my long-suffering husband. He wanted to do something special for our first valentine’s, it was his idea to take me to see the Lion King but he was worried that I wouldn’t like it as I had never been to a musical before. It was perfect, the music was so moving and the way that the animals were animated was amazing. In fact I loved it so much I took my Mum to see it as a surprise for her 50th birthday and she loved it just as much as I did.

When we returned from our romantic day in London, Hubby bought me the Lion King DVD and it is still one of my most treasured possessions today. I allow the children to watch it occasionally but only under my supervision because I don’t want the DVD to be used as a frisbee afterwards. The Lion King will always hold a special place in my heart, we even chose one of the songs from Lion King for our first dance at our wedding.

Well now, the magic of the Lion King can be viewed in 3D in cinemas from 7th October, of course the US have already had the opportunity to enjoy this fab new version before us and it is reigning supreme as #1 in the Box Office taking over $60million already. The UK saw the launch at BFI Max in London where stars like Katie Price and Myleene Klass took their families along to bask in the wonders of a 3D Pride Rock.

Lion King is the story of Simba the Lion Cub and the circle of life, it is a story of growing up, loving and losing loved ones, a story of courage and overcoming fears. If you haven’t seen it yet, then now is the time because this promises to be even better than the original and that’s a tough call!

2 thoughts on “Lion King brings back happy memories . . .”

  1. I love, love,love this film. It is beautiful, the music is great and it always makes me cry. Lots of memories for me too – I first saw it on my year in France and my eldest son was Simba in his nursery version of the story! Can’t wait to see it again.

    • It’s a film that really gets inside me, I bet you were so proud of your little Simba – I shall definitely be watching it again soon 🙂

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