A walk in the park . . .

When you’re an adult you sometimes forget just how much fun it was to be a child and how simple having fun can be.

A walk in the park

Walk in the park

This afternoon (after not eating dinner and before not eating tea!) Lillie and I went for a walk in the park and had an absolute blast. Thanks to the time of year there were leaves scattered all around, I picked them up in handfuls and threw them over Lillie’s head to be rewarded with giggles galore. She then tried to do it herself but only with one leaf at a time – not quite the same but she tried nonetheless!!

Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaves

We ran through the leaves kicking them everywhere, rolled down the hills, Lillie climbed trees (with my assistance – she is only 16months!) and we blew the “fairies” around from the dandelions.

Smell the flowers

Walking home she bent down to smell flowers and of her own accord, she carried a leaf all the way home and put it on the top of her toy box! We laughed and giggled and I felt totally connected to her – and for that half an hour or so, I actually felt like a child again. I forgot all about the pile of ironing with my name on it, I forgot about the endless emails awaiting replies, the bills waiting to be paid and the shopping that needed doing. Thank you Baby Bean I had lots of fun today xxxx  (Well, at least I did until you didn’t eat your tea! I guess we can’t have everything xx)

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