Praise for Baby Bean! A toddler who tidies . . .

After looking through my site I realised that I’ve put a fair few negatives comments about my beautiful Baby Bean thanks to her non-eating and tantrums of late. My daughter is without a doubt “my life” and I wouldn’t be without her for a minute so I wanted to write a blog about her good points.

My clever little lady

Praise for Baby Bean! A toddler who tidies . . . 1

Personally I’m a bit of a neat freak (ok so maybe if you’ve visited me since Baby Bean came along you may disagree – but on the whole I am!). Nothing pleases me more to walk into a clean, tidy, fresh-smelling house so what a shock to the system it was when getting into a routine when we brought Baby Bean home to find that housework had to take a backseat for a while.

Of course, I soon found a way and my house returned to form. THEN Baby Bean started to take an interest in toys and I thought “oh no, mess!!”. Over time Baby Bean has sat and observed Mummy and Daddy tidying her toys away at the end of the day – then about a month ago she inherited the “helpful” gene.

When I announced to her that it was bathtime, instead of walking off towards the bathroom she stood up and started packing her toys away. I jumped at the chance to throw lots of praise her way and now it has become the norm, every night she tidies away all the toys (I do help, I don’t just sit and watch) and when she is finished she looks at me with a big smile on her face waiting for her praise – which she gets in abundance.

Watch and learn

Around the same time, Baby Bean must have been watching what I did with her dirty clothes because now she picks up her dirty clothes off the bedroom floor as she totters along to the bathroom and drops all her dirties in the laundry bin. I have found one slight problem with this though – in a morning I lay her clean clothes out on the floor ready to get her dressed. Sometimes these clothes go missing and I find them in the laundry bin too!! Bless her, she makes my day and long may it continue!!

I love you Baby Bean xxx

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