5 style tips for casual wear

The casual dressing may seem like the most comfortable arena in men’s wear. It’s often considered as an effortless skill that requires nothing to master. However, the difference between this assumption and reality is the subtle disconnection between a theory and its practice.

Often considered the weekend wardrobe, it is the only corner of men’s style that has zero definitions of guidance on the style.

While it may sound good to be free of bounds after a week of staying suited up, but the sartorial chaos caused by this limitlessness could lead to disastrous results. The lack of hard and fast rules in this sphere of style is filled up by a few principles that have been tried and tested for many years.

Why is casual dressing so hard to crack?

The truth of the fact is that it is not difficult to dress up in a suit. When you are financially stable enough to afford exclusive apparel and a tailor who knows what they are doing, you will achieve a look that flatters the contours of your body in a fashion that only leaves you to tie your tie! Things are not as comfortable in a casual context. Since a suit is an outfit that compliments the wearer, the casual dress requires a mix and match of different components without the advice of a sartorial expert to help you out.

For a long time, bespoke suits have been the default attire for men. But since the dynamic has changed and people are no longer forced to dress up in suits, there is now an open window to explore the sphere of casual wear in terms of smart casual and business casual.

To help you figure out an informed idea about how to master the art of downtime dressing, we have compiled a list of expert advice to keep your casual outfits looking stunning and faultless! From finding the right fit to developing your style, here is everything you need to know about casual style!

The fit is the first shot

In all honesty, the price, fabric, or fall of a piece does not matter when the fit is not perfect. Taking the visual conception of mannequins advertising the latest designs, it is essential to understand that when a fit doesn’t sit well with the contours of your body.

Before stocking up on items for your casual wardrobe, make sure that the items flatter your body without being too tight or bulgy on your being. If you are unable to find the perfect fitting outfits off the racks, then a friendship with the local tailor could work wonders for you.

The finer details must not be ignored

Casual styling does not equate to sloppy looks. This means that when you layer up an outfit, you must pay attention to details that often seem minuscule. The selvedge-edge of a denim trouser, the patterns on your socks, and the edging on tee-shirt sleeves must all be considered before heading out in the said outfit.

Find joy in simplicity

Dressing up casual does not mean that you have to deck up in neon colours and outrageous prints. Choosing a simple white shirt with a pair of fitted jeans is enough to look effortless and chic. Classic colour combinations and silhouettes work well with the majority of male body types. Checks and flannels are another styling technique that is simple and

Experiment with a few statement pieces

What could be bolder than a superhero leather jacket on a biking trail? 

Men usually shy away from bold statement pieces that impact their social perceptions. This is the main reason why they are often hesitant in embracing trends such as the man bun or man-purse. Under such circumstances, designers have come up with more straightforward ways to make a statement without going far from the comfort zone.

You can accessorize a plain outfit with a snakeskin belt, some pompous shoes, or even go the long mile by wearing chunky bracelets. Each accessory has its pros and cons, but when you style them with strategy, nothing will stop you from looking as well-dressed as David Beckham or George Clooney!

Balance trends with comfort

Trends are an important aspect of looking fashionable, but that does not translate into choice blindness for every trend that hits the market. It would be best if you tried to achieve a balance between trendy and comfortable. There are many trends popular in a specific niche. This means that you must not go for the styles that are too over the top for your liking.

Once you enter the arena of trial and error in the attempt to develop a personal style of casual clothing, then you can easily decipher what flatters your body. Men have the right to look fancy and fit because fashion is gender-neutral after all!

A few casual pieces that are a staple of an everyday wardrobe

The best way to emanate a stylish look is through sticking to the staples of casual wear.

Leather jackets

A classic leather jacket with little embellishments is a wise investment for the long-term. Genuine leather jackets are durable and highly fashionable, which always keeps them at the forefront of fashion blogs.

Well-fitting denim

There are not enough words to describe how fashionable the male form looks in a pair of well-fitted jeans. It is the foundation of casual wear across the globe!

White shirts

Plain white button-down shirts with denim trousers and a jacket form the evergreen look that never goes out of fashion.

Final Thoughts

Casual fashion for men is still considered an unchartered territory. It is a field where men have the chance to explore what works well for them without falling flat. The only difference between a flab and a drab look is the inherent confidence of the wearer. Because when you feel confident with the outfit you have pulled together, then there is nothing that can bring you down in the fashion game!

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