10 Time-Saving Weight Loss Tips Busy Mums

Fitness is about adapting to a healthy lifestyle that aids in top-notch health. As you grow older, your metabolism tends to slow down and cause weight gain. Also, the metabolic changes call for regular and intense workouts to stay in shape. If you’re a busy mum, it can be challenging to take time out for exercise. While hitting the gym for an hour may seem too much, you can always find out efficient ways of staying more active. Below are the ten time-saving tips for losing weight.

1.  Follow A Morning Routine

Follow A Morning Routine

A healthy morning routine is one of the best ways to stay fit and lose weight. Before you begin the lunch prep for your kids, you must follow a calming morning schedule. Include a detox vitamin in your routine, or do a few rounds of planks. Try to look for some weight-loss breakfast recipes to eliminate the extra pounds. Some options to try are yoghurt, smoothies, and scrambled eggs. It can Burn fat suppress appetite, and help shed extra pounds.

2.  Take Breaks & Move

If going to the gym for hours altogether seems impossible, you can always take breaks between work. Try to do 30 squats while preparing lunch or plank during the meal preparation breaks. Also, try dancing or doing some aerobic workouts when your kids sleep during the daytime; you can find affordable leggings online for a comfortable workout. The key to staying healthy is a frequent and intense workout routine. Not to forget, the exercises increase fat breakdown and make you lose weight faster. You can plan the breaks and the workouts for better clarity.

3.  Drink Smoothies

10 Time-Saving Weight Loss Tips Busy Moms
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Did you know how fulfilling and delicious, versatile smoothies can be? If you want to lose weight, try the weight-loss green smoothies. Also, use healthy and nutritious ingredients that improve your body’s nutritional values. Smoothies like spinach-banana, strawberry-mango, and berries are great low-calorie snack options. As the number of calories consumed reduces, your weight is bound to go down. Not to forget, the smoothies take less than a minute to prepare and satiate the hunger pangs for at least 2-3 hours. Experiment with the smoothie recipes and lose weight despite your busy schedule.

4.  Try Dark Chocolate

Do you like to try versatile varieties of chocolates? If yes, you must include the snack in your weight loss routine. Chocolates contain ample nutrients and antioxidants and are mouth-watering—also, dark chocolate aids in suppressing cravings and might make you eat less than before. You must avoid sugar-laden chocolates and eat dark ones instead to facilitate weight loss. It works quite well in case of packed schedules and kids to look after.

5.  Walk Whenever You Can

There’s no doubt about the fact that physical activity burns more calories and aids in weight loss. For all the busy mums out there, walking can be the best way to lose more weight in less time. You need to keep moving in between the cooking times or while talking over the phone. Also, take out at least 5 minutes and run on the treadmill to break some sweat in no time. The activity boosts your metabolism and enhances the calorie breakdown process. Along with this, it minimises the risk of cardiovascular diseases and brings in more fitness.

6.  Stay Hydrated

Another crucial habit that you need to develop is proper hydration. Keeping your body hydrated is essential to lose weight and to flush the toxins out. Drink 2-3 litres of water every day for the much-needed detox. You may also wish to add a detox vitamin to your diet to help aid healthy digestion and cleansing. Also, adequate hydration initiates satiety signals and makes you eat less. Have a glass full of water before eating your meals for faster weight loss. Not only will it keep you full for longer, but it also detoxifies vital organs and improves skin quality.

7.  Prioritise Sleep 

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Do you tend to stay up till late hours due to lack of sleep or other important tasks? If yes,  you must rectify the sleep cycle and get a good night’s sleep. Your rest time determines the healing, recovery, and rate of weight loss on your weight loss journey. Also, sleep ensures proper metabolic processes and aids in a faster fat breakdown. You can resort to a calm bedtime routine to improve sleep. Try to sleep in a dark, cool, and comfortable environment that ensures consistent sleep. Along with this, a few minutes of meditation and exercise might help in countering the negative thoughts.

8.  Snack Healthy

Most people keep a stock of delicious and savoury snacks for mid-meal hunger. If you end up snacking way more than usual, you must replace the calorie-laden snacks with healthy ones. Weight loss depends upon the amount of calorie deficit and your level of physical activity. You can create a significant calorie deficit with healthy snacks like fresh fruits, veggies, and yoghurt. Also, it energises your body, curbs drowsiness, and promotes better metabolic pathways. Fill your kitchen with fruits, yoghurt, nuts, and granolas to beat the hunger before meal timings.

9.  Mindful Eating

One of the essential eating habits is to focus on the act of eating instead of other thoughts. Most people tend to miss the taste of food or the ingredients on the plate due to frequent distractions. Also, it affects the psychological aspects of eating and doesn’t contribute to adequate hormonal stimulation. You must try to observe your plate of food and savour every bite. Along with this, make sure to avoid talking or working while you eat. Such habits ensure wholesome eating and improve your mental health.

10. Avoid Sugar

Most people tend to snack on foods rich in sugars and other preservatives harmful to health. If you want to shed some weight, you must avoid sugar-laden snacks. Refined sugar increases the number of calories consumed and causes weight gain. Also, it alters the metabolism and can slow down the fat breakdown processes. It’s better to curb sweet cravings using fresh fruits, yoghurt, or some jaggery. That way, you can beat the cravings and manage your calorie intake at the same time.

The Takeaway

Healthy eating

A busy schedule can be a major hindrance to your weight loss goals. If you’re willing to get in shape but don’t have the required time, follow the tips mentioned above. Try to move your body and take frequent breaks from work. Also, you can replace the unhealthy snacks with some fresh and healthy options for maximum benefits. Such habits go a long way in reducing calorie intake and aid in weight loss.

10 Time-Saving Weight Loss Tips Busy Mums 1

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