Overseas Study Locations That Will Surely Help Your Child To Shine

There’s a lot to consider when your child announces a desire to study abroad. Aside from dealing with the inevitable broken heart, it will most likely come down to you to be a practical voice of reason for a decision that’s too often dictated by the heart, providing not only the emotional tools that your child needs to survive this transition but also the practicalities necessary to make overseas travel possible in the first place.

Overseas Study Locations That Will Surely Help Your Child To Shine
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During the application stages, you’ll especially need to help your child seek grants and even student visas with the help of an immigration solicitor. But, before any of this is possible, you’re first going to want to make sure that your child chooses the right location for the right reasons. 

Too often, overseas students make decisions based on friendships, climate, and social settings. This can lead to educational compromises and often ill-fitting locations. That’s why you need to do your best to point your teen towards the most highly ranked and much-loved overseas study hotspots, some of the best of which we’re going to consider here. 

1 – New Zealand

New Zealand is often ranked as the #1 destination for overseas study, and it isn’t difficult to see why. With an impressive 8 universities that rank in the top 3% of the world, this is certainly a hotspot that will see your child thriving at university in no time! New Zealand’s ranking as #2 for career goals also makes it a viable option for a long-term career trajectory. And that’s before we’ve even considered the scenic views on offer! Already, New Zealand plays host to an average of 53,000 international students. Could your child benefit from being among them?

2 – Switzerland

Famed for a way of life that sees it home to some of the happiest citizens in the world, Switzerland also deserves its place on this list, especially when you take into account the fact that it’s home to two universities widely recognised as some of the best in the world. One of Europe’s most prestigious higher-education systems also grants international students access to some of the highest quality teaching available in any location. 

3 – Canada

Beautiful natural landscapes like Niagra Falls merge with an affordable, high-quality education to make Canada an extremely viable option for overseas studies. Canadian education is especially famed for cross-disciplinary focuses and classroom-based technology that ensures adaptable knowledge with digital media and software platforms, among other advancements. For students looking to remain in the long-term, specific student employment opportunities offered by the Canadian government make this a fantastic place to receive the qualifications and put them to the best possible use.

These are just a few of the best overseas study locations among other top contenders like Australia and the US. Spend a little time researching the options with your teen, and decide between you which would be best suited to the education and opportunities that they hold closest to their heart.

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