39/365–The Simple Things . . .

08022011 003

You can buy your children the latest gadgets and all manner of expensive toys but its always the simplest of things which entertain them for hours.  When I was a little girl I was forever building dens, I used to play at my friend’s house and we would always build a den – the bigger the better.  I had been thinking about it today and so decided to build a small den for Little Bean.  She thought this was the best thing ever and played in it for nearly 2 hours, she took all her dolls into it and lined them up to sit and watch Scooby Doo with her.  When we put her to bed tonight she asked if we could build a new den in the morning.  I think Mummy can muster up something bigger and better for our next play time don’t you?

What simple, cost free games keep your children entertained? Or what do you remember playing when you were little?





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