When Bramble met Treena Maun – Animal Healer

I first met Treena Maun earlier this year when I joined my local 4Networking group. I instantly felt drawn to Treena and was interested to hear more about her business as an Animal Healer. Alas, on our first meeting it was not to be as my 1-2-3 meetings were already taken but a few months later the opportunity arose.

Who is Treena Maun?

Treena Maun

First and foremost, Treena is a lovely lady with a magnetic personality, you can’t help but want to talk to her. I asked Treena how she became an Animal Healer and she told me she is a dog breeder. She had a dog, known as Baggins who became ill. An emergency visit to the vets told Treena that poor Baggins had only days to live, naturally, Treena was devastated. A friend suggested that she contact the famous animal healer Charles Siddell, so she did.

Charles told Treena that whilst he couldn’t save Baggins, he could give him a better quality of life and he did . . . for a further 18 months! Treena said that you honestly would not have known there was even anything wrong with him. You can read the full story about Treena’s journey to becoming an animal healer on her site but this meeting with Charles was the very beginning.

About Bramble

Bramble has been with us for a year now and I’m pleased to say that we all love him more now that we did when he first joined the family. Over the past year though we have had a few little issues with him. Being a cocker spaniel we were prepared for Bramble to be a little on the loopy side but we felt there was an essence of anxiety about him too. He was quite a nervy dog, he didn’t like loud noises, shouting and bangs, he would run in constant circles if left outside alone or in the kitchen if my attention wasn’t on him.

When Treena met Bramble

Animal Healer

When Treena arrived we chatted about Bramble and what our concerns were with his behavior. When Bramble and I are home alone he would settle in his bed and go to sleep. Initially, he had sat on my feet whilst I worked at my desk but over time he had settled into resting in his bed in the lounge or the hallway. If I went out and anyone else was at home, he would pace the house until I returned and appeared to be constantly ‘on edge’ and we felt this wasn’t good for him and was also stressful for whoever was at home with him.

Let the healing commence

Before healing Bramble, Treena explained that as well as being an animal healer she also needed to heal me and my issues around Bramble. This is a similar approach to when I took Albie for EFT healing. When Treena began to prepare herself to heal Bramble, he seemed to be aware of a change within the room. He was suddenly intrigued by Treena and moved closer to her, watching her intently as she began to move her hands on and around him. During this time, Treena was silent and concentrating so I didn’t interrupt, I just watched with interest for the 15 or so minutes that it took before Bramble became a little distracted. At this point, Treena stopped and Bramble promptly laid down under her chair and went to sleep. This really surprised me as I have never witnessed Bramble sleep on the kitchen floor EVER. He always opts for rugs, carpet or his bed but he simply laid directly below Treena’s chair and slept soundly. Treena explained that healing can be quite tiring for the animals.

Afterward, as we chatted about what to expect over the next few days, Treena asked if I was aware of any injuries to Bramble’s back leg as she had felt some heat around it whilst she was healing him. Bramble does have a small scar on his leg for an injury we know nothing about but it’s not visible unless you part the fur on his leg so Treena couldn’t have seen it. I certainly wasn’t expecting her to pick up on it.

The outcome

Over the course of the next day, I noticed that Bramble seemed much more relaxed and sleepy than normal but it wasn’t until a few days/weeks later that Simon and I really began to notice the changes in him. If we went out onto the drive, Bramble would usually run around us frantically but now he was sitting on the back doorstep waiting for us to return, if I left the back door open on a warm day Bramble would still choose to sit in the house but suddenly he was choosing to relax in the garden. When visitors came to the house, Bramble would still run to collect a toy in his mouth but rather than circle the kitchen or jump up our guests he would sit patiently at their feet.

We began to notice lots of little changes in Bramble but in general, he was much calmer and relaxed. He did have to go into kennels over the Summer and when he first returned home we noticed some of his anxieties had returned but I am pleased to say that now that things have gone back to a normal routine, our calmer, happy boy is back. It’s not just Simon and me who have picked up on the changes in him either, our postman has commented that he no longer jumps up to him when we open the door, family friends have also complimented Bramble on his relaxed welcome.

If you have an animal that you feel needs the help of an Animal Healer to overcome anxiety, pain or suffering then I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Treena. Her love of animals is very clear and the results have been phenomenal for us.

DISCLAIMER: Bramble received a complimentary healing session with Treena in exchange for our honest opinion of her service. All words, images, and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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