What Kind of Drinking Water Is Best For Your Kids?

As parents, it’s natural for us to want to give out children the best we can on all plans of life. What better way to start than with the element that gives life itself? Yes, water may look the same regardless if it comes in a bottle, from a spring, or from the tap. But deviates in regard to many aspects.

In the following paragraphs, I’m going to try to do my best and show you both the good and the bad of certain types of drinking water and give you some tips on how you can improve it or what alternative to use instead.

Tap Water

Many people believe that living in a developed country means that their tap water is safe. That’s as far from the truth as anything can be. Sure, local authorities use chlorination and various filtration methods to give us the best they can. But they don’t always succeed.

Generally speaking, tap water in the US contains loads of impurities, as stated in The New York Times. Impurities in tap water are not a new thing. and while not all impurities will necessarily kill you, they do harm adults, and especially children. More than ever, it is necessary to use a water filter as you never know what could lurk inside those pipes.

Regular Bottled Water

Regular bottled water can be hit or miss depending on the brand and the factory where it gets treated. Sure, bottled water is, in most cases, just tap water that’s been filtered and treated slightly. Again, it depends on the brand, and it depends on you to do your research and see which companies regularly pass the purity tests conducted by authorities.

Bottled Spring Water

Bottled spring water might be your best bet if you want your children to grow up healthy. However, one cannot ignore the often exaggerated price of such an option. Plus, companies that sell bottled water often take more time to treat it properly, which can be one explanation for the high price.

Alkaline Water

Alkaline water is known for helping people eliminate toxins. That is if the alkalinity is low enough. It’s never a good idea to alkalinize water to its maximum potential.

Newborns should only be allowed to use water at the lowest alkaline setting with a pH between 8.0 and 8.5. Kids aged from one to five years should consume water with a maximum alkalinity level of 9. The same rule applies to kids aged from 5 to 12 years, with the rare exceptions being the ones who are extremely active (such as kids who are in sports clubs). Those kids can handle alkalinity of 9.5.

Finally, children and teens aged 12 to 18 years should be given water with maximum alkalinity of 9.7. Between four and six litres per day is often suggested but they may drink more if they have a really active lifestyle.

Other Suggestions

Out of all these options, it’s clear that filtered tap water will be the best option in the long run. You can also find water alkalinization devices for home use on the internet if you want to.

If your household has a serious issue with hard water, consider getting an electronic water descaler, as classic salt-based water softeners often lead to environmental problems and add extra sodium in your drinking water.

Final Thoughts

In closing, I would like to remind you that I am not a doctor. I am merely a mother who is concerned about her own kids’ wellbeing. If you want the absolute best for your child, I recommend you take them to a pediatrist for full consultations on a regular basis.

What Kind of Drinking Water Is Best For Your Kids? 1

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