Follow this saving water advice for a happier home in 2015

I love listening to the Beans when they come out with little pearls of advice they have learnt at school, you know the ones that I mean. Those little things that you have said to them over and over again that they ignore until someone else tells them and they suddenly believe that to be the truth!! I have lost count of the number of times I have asked them to turn lights off when they leave a room or turn off the tap after washing their hands but since starting school, Little Bean will quote her teachers “Mummy we should always turn the tap off so that we don’t waste water” and give me other such water saving advice.

Follow this saving water advice for a happier home in 2015 1

As 2014 drew to a close Hubby and I decided that we wouldn’t make ‘resolutions’ because everyone knows that resolutions get broken. Instead we put together a list of intentions for the year ahead starting with getting a little more savvy with our money. As a family we waste money unnecessarily through perished food in the refridgerator and cupboards, aforesaid Beans leaving lights on in their bedrooms/toilet/playroom or any other room that they enter during daylight hours when a light isn’t even necessary.

In the master bathroom we have had a dripping tap for over two months now but we haven’t done anything about it so that is top of my list of household jobs for the new year as well as our dishwasher which is working intermittently. Did you know that you could use up to 11 times more water washing dishes by hand than using a dishwasher. No I didn’t either but I have discovered some great saving water advice and saving energy tips online which I intend to put to good use, there’s even a water saving calculator. Money is always better in our pocket than those of the providers and it’s always good to do our bit for the environment.

Where do you waste money and want to make changes this year?

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