Second baby syndrome?

Do you think there is such a thing as second baby syndrome?  When you have your first child, everyone and their dog is banging down your door to come and visit, to have cuddles with your little bundle of joy.  They come bearing gifts and for weeks your house resembles a Clinton Card shop!


Perhaps its just me and my hormones (they get blamed for a lot of things lately) but I can’t help to notice that people haven’t been as interested in Beanie Boy as they were when Little Bean entered the world.  When Little Bean was born, I had to schedule visits from people to make sure that our house wasn’t overrun with visitors but this time around, we’ve only had a handful of visitors altogether.  Friends and family just haven’t been as interested in our gorgeous little boy and for that I feel sad for him.  He is just as special as Curly and Little Bean, he is just as important but he has his own personality, he’s different from Little Bean and I couldn’t wait to show that to people.  I’m not interested in the gifts, I just want to give Beanie Boy the opportunity to say, “hey there, look at me!  Aren’t I a cheerful, funny little chap”.  He’s such a happy little boy, he hardly ever cries unless he’s really fed up or has had to wait longer than he would like for a feed.  At 11 weeks he talking away to his hearts content, he already has his own funny little quirks and mannerisms – I just think its a shame that other people aren’t getting just a little bit of the pleasure from him that we get every single day!

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