Tips for Staying Fit as You Get Older

As you get older, it seems the faster time goes, especially if you have children who magically appear to get years older in the blink of an eye. You likely don’t need to be reminded that you’re not quite as fit as you used to be 20 years ago.

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Where you were once able to stay up until 4 am partying hard in stiletto heels, you’re now probably asleep by 11 pm (at the very latest) and can only manage to don heels for a wedding or a bi-annual night out, and even then it’s at a push. You probably suffer from fleeting bouts of backache, and you (naturally) won’t be able to move with the nimbleness you used to.

Tips for Staying Fit as You Get Older

Now, this isn’t to say you’re completely unfit and too old to be doing arduous activities. You needn’t look to elderly exercise regimes just yet, but you might find that you need to tailor your fitness plan to your current abilities. If you’re not quite sure about the best way to do that, here are some tips to help you.

1. Assess your current abilities

The first step to staying fit as you get older is to see what you’re capable of right now. You might have incurred an injury in the last few years, which means you can’t do exactly what you used to a few years ago, and that’s completely fine. It’s worth trying out a range of exercises and/or sports and seeing where you’re at, and then deciding whether or not you can build upon that.

It’s important to remember that you get better with practice, and your abilities will increase the more active you become, but in the case of an injury, this might not be possible. If you do have an injury that could be affected by certain exercises, don’t overdo it and push the boundaries too far as you might risk making it worse, and the older you get, the longer recovery tends to take.

2. Don’t compare yourself to your younger self

As you get older, you will naturally compare yourself to your younger self, but this is not the way forward in terms of fitness. As you get older, your body will undergo natural changes and won’t be the same when you’re 40 as it was when you were 20. It’s essential to remember not to look back at old photos and aim for that or get disheartened if you don’t look exactly like that, despite all your fitness efforts.

Some people do get in the best shape of their lives later in life, but this is by no means the majority, and it’s worth keeping this in mind.

3. Do what you enjoy

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If there’s one thing to be learned in later life, it’s to do what you enjoy. Life is too short, and time is too precious to be spent on activities that do not spark joy. Rather than engaging in a gruelling one-hour weights session at the gym or road running 5k three times a week despite hating every minute of it, focus on what you do like. If that’s a dance workout, so be it! Perhaps you’d rather do a 30 minute HIIT workout at home or simply a weekly swim with the kids. Whatever it is, as long as it gets you moving, go for it!


There’s a lot of fun to be had in getting older, and just because you can’t hit the tiles like you used to or do all-nighters every weekend, that doesn’t mean it’s game over. Getting fit will keep you mobile and improve your overall health, so it’s important to engage in physical activity as you get older. As long as you stay realistic, approach it with a positive attitude and stick to activities that suit you in your current form, you should find keeping fit as you get older to be a breeze!

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