Thoughtful Personalised Gift Ideas

Buying a gift for someone can be a challenge, and it only gets more and more difficult with every birthday and Christmas that passes by. You need to strike the right balance between getting something thoughtful and different from the norm, yet ensuring the gift is something the recipient is actually going to like and enjoy. Personalised gifts are a good option because they deal with the thoughtfulness and unique aspect, yet you do not need to go too far out of the box to get something that is going to be loved and appreciated by the person you are buying for. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most thoughtful personalised gifts that you can buy someone.

Gift ideas
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Floating charm necklaces

Jewellery has long been a popular gift option, and a floating charm necklace offers a unique solution because it is different to norm. With this style of necklace, there will be a glass pendant and there will be a number of charms, which are loose within the pendant, creating a floating effect. This is a lovely gift for someone because it is unlikely to be something they already have, whereas charm bracelets are very popular. Moreover, you can get the necklace engraved if you wish to do so, and the selection of the charms will be highly personalised as well. You could opt for the person’s initials, or you can go for something that is special to them. For example, you could opt for a paw print charm if the person has a dog. The options are endless.

A personalised number plate

This is the sort of gift that is going to have the wow factor. If you know someone that has wanted a personalised plate for a while, why not treat him or her to it? You will need to find out what sort of thing they want before you do so, though. The last thing you want to do is buy someone a personalised number plate that they hate and then they feel obliged to drive around with it on their car. Some people like funny number plates, others prefer something related to their family name, and there are then those that want their plate to have an association with their favourite sports team. You can see all of the options that are available at Try to gently drop it in conversation so you can find out what your loved one would prefer before you go out and buy one. Of course, ask this will in advance of their birthday or Christmas so that it does not look too obvious.

Family tree frames

This is a lovely gift if you are buying for a new mum, a family, or you are buying something for your partner that can be enjoyed in the house. There are many different styles of family tree frames that are available today. Of course, the classic design is to have a stunning picture of a tree with names surrounding it in a gorgeous calligraphy. However, there are plenty of more modern options if this is something you would prefer. One style of family wall art that has become popular can be seen at This is wall art that features wellington boots in different sizes and then the name of each family member placed underneath the corresponding boots.

Personalised blankets and soft furnishings

If you are looking for something that is affordable yet has a plush feel, a personalised blanket, cushion or any other type of soft furnishing will work well. This is the perfect personalised item if you are looking for something for a friend or a family member. A bog-standard blanket won’t impress, but a personalised one certainly will.

Hopefully, you now have some suggestions regarding the best personalised gifts for someone special in your life, be it your partner, parent, a close friend, or someone else! A personalised gift will always go down well because it shows that have you have gone that extra mile to get something special. However, you still need to make sure that the gift makes sense and will be enjoyed. After all, nowadays, you can get anything personalised, and so it can be easy to lose track and forget to focus on what the person is actually going to like.


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