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Choosing the right pet for your children

We all know how children can get overly excited when the topic of pets happens to pop by in any conversation. Most kids love animals, and they’ll do anything to own and care for a dog or a cat. But are these two the best pets for your home and family, or would you rather prefer something different?

Let’s have a quick look at some of the pros and cons of some domesticated species you might want to have as pets.

Cats and dogs

cat and dog

Photo by Krista Mangulsone on Unsplash

Sure, cats are way easier to care for compared to dogs, and that’s because they require little to nothing in the way of maintenance. They clean their own coat, many don’t like going out and running about, and you’ll only have to invest a minimal amount of money in food and litter. Compared to them, caring for a dog can be a challenge.

If you have a job you need to get to by 9 o’clock in the morning, you’ll end up going out with your dog at 5 am just to make sure that you’re on time to work. It stands to reason that it all depends on where you live in relation to the place of your employment. But even so, there are other factors to bear in mind.

One of them is that dogs require and crave exercise. Keeping your canine buddy cooped up in a 2-bedroom apartment should be considered a crime because dogs need to jump and run around. It’s in their nature. Unfortunately, what that means for you is that you might be too tired in the evening to care for them properly. And your kids might be too young to handle all of the challenging tasks.



Photo by Kaitlin Dowis on Unsplash

Birds are relatively low-maintenance pets as compared to cats and dogs (you would have to set-up a quality cage and ensure its cleanliness), but they can be tricky to handle. If your kid is over the age of 12, getting a pet bird is a good idea. As for younger kids, a bird will make a suitable pet as long as they are not the sole caretakers for it. Since birds are prey animals, you will also need to assure that your child is mature enough to understand its temperament and control his emotions and actions while handling the birdie. Loud noises, sudden movements may result in your child getting bitten by the feathered companion. Since birds are intelligent creatures, they require quite some time every day with their owners for mental stimulation, so make sure your child can spare some time each day.



Photo by Fernando Maté on Unsplash

Reptiles are usually a no-go when it comes to pets for children. Snakes can be dangerous, depending on the species. Some constrictors are very risky, and even experienced keepers can get killed or in trouble if they don’t handle them with care. Therefore, this type of animal might not be the right choice for children.

However, the rest, like chameleons, bearded dragons, and turtles, might make good options because they don’t pose a threat to the health and safety of kids. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that these species aren’t particularly easy to care for, and you’ll invest a hefty sum of money in their enclosures, UVB bulbs, as well as various other types of equipment that can keep them safe, sound, and healthy.

What about rodents?

Rabbits and guinea pigs are more or less low-maintenance, but because of their size, rabbits can be a bit more challenging compared to other kinds of rodents.

Of all of the species you might want to consider, those that are by far the easiest to take care of are hamsters and gerbils. Gerbils are delicate and sweet and won’t even bite people, unlike rats, which might be downright dangerous and vicious if they aren’t trained.

Before you get an animal and any kind of equipment designed to keep him or her healthy and happy, you might have to consider reading reviews on several topics. There are also forums where people who keep various types of pets go and ask questions and answer others as best as possible.

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